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If you are interested in getting a job as a truck driver in the USA through visa sponsorship, this is the right page for you. Here, the topic of Visa Sponsorship for Truck Drivers in the USA will be addressed and guidelines on how to get the job, requirements, duties, skills, and the like will be outlined to help you get your dream job.

Visa Sponsorship for Truck Drivers in the USA

Truck drivers work for shipping companies or for a larger corporation that manages its supply chain and delivery. They need to have a truck driver’s license, and they must be trained in safe driving best practices. Truck Drivers also assist with loading and unloading their vehicles and they are responsible for ensuring that their goods arrive safely and on time.

What Are Truck Drivers Jobs?

Truck drivers are professional that operates trucks to deliver goods to different locations. They transport items like consumer products, machine parts, and building materials, this therefore makes truck driving a high-demand career. While the main role of a truck driver is to transport goods, they also complete other tasks like loading and unloading the truck and inspecting it for safety.

The job of a truck driver includes transporting goods from one location to another, loading their vehicles, abiding by traffic laws, and ensuring safe unloading and delivery at their destination.

Salary Of Truck Driver Jobs in the USA

The salary of truck drivers in the USA will depend on their level of experience, education, and geographical location.

Per Hour$16.86$30.77$56.15
Per Day $192$351$640
Per Week$928$1,693$3,090
Per Month$3,591$6,553$11,957
Per Year$50,717$92,550$168,887

Highest Paying Cities for Truck Driver Jobs

These are the cities with the highest pay for truck drivers.

Dallas, TX$49,578$97,094$190,150
Houston, TX$47,481$95,340$191,438
Atlanta, GA$45,024$93,185$192,859
Salt Lake City, UT$54,210$97,144$174,082
Chicago, IL$48,052$97,214$196,673
Indianapolis, IN$49,225$92,117$172,383
Charlotte, NC$44,444$90,173$182,955
Phoenix, AZ$46,931$89,791$171,794

Some Top Companies for Truck Driver Jobs in the USA

Here are some top companies where truck drivers can work within the USA.

Company nameLow Salary per yearAverage salary per yearHigh salary per year
Prime Inc$25,000$66,625$127,000
Crete Carrier Corporation$35,000$70,836$109,000
J.B. Hunt$29,000$64,701$114,000
Werner Enterprises$28,000$69,674$129,000

Types Of truck driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Class 1 Driver

Salary range: $70,000–$90,000 per year

The responsibilities include operating heavy equipment, including semi-tractor trailers. Loading and unloading materials and equipment efficiently. And transporting goods and materials to designated locations.

Class 1 Flatbed Driver

Salary range: $8,000–$10,000 a month per month

Duties include ensuring the correctness of all deliveries, pre-trip and post-trip Inspections, and providing excellent customer service. Operating the delivery truck and trailer safely and obeying all rules of the DOT.

Long Haul Truck Driver

Salary range: $26–$28 an hour

Long Haul Truck Driver is expected to drive as part of a two-person team or convoy, load and unload goods, oversee the condition of the vehicle, inspect tires, lights, brakes, cold storage, and other equipment, and also perform emergency roadside repairs.

Class 1 Truck Driver

Salary range: $28.67 an hour

The Job type is Full-time. Shift and schedule include 12-hour shifts, Overtime, and 10-hour shifts.

Where To Find Truck Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship Online

You will find truck driver jobs online on the websites listed below.

Duties And Responsibilities of Truck Driver Jobs

The duties and responsibilities of truck driver jobs are listed below.

  • Driving long-distance.
  • Communicating with dispatchers.
  • Obeying and following traffic rules.
  • Securing, arranging, and balancing cargo in the vehicle.
  • observing detailed working hours’ time in compliance with state and federal rules.
  • Confirm that any mechanical issues with the vehicle are fixed before driving.
  • Preparing routes and meeting up with delivery schedules.
  • Obeying truck driving rules and regulations.
  • Making reports of defects, accidents, and violations.
  • Carrying out daily maintenance of trucks such as refuelling, cleaning, and so on.
  • Loading and unloading of trucks.
  • professionally interacting with customers.
  • Carrying out pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection reports.
  • Getting a record of cargo deliveries.
  • Verifying every load for accuracy.

Skills & Requirements for Truck Driver Jobs

These are some of the skills and requirements needed to be a truck driver in the USA.

Skills for Truck Driver Jobs in the USA

  • Physical strength
  • Ability to lift up to 70 pounds
  • Verbal communication skill
  • Excellent driving skills
  • knowledge of traffic laws and regulations about truck driving

Requirements for Truck Drivers in the USA

There are some requirements you need before you become a truck driver, we will be listing them below.

You Must Be At Least 21 Years

Some potential laws allow 18-year-olds to drive semis, but the current law stands that you must be 21 years old. Presently, 18-year-olds are allowed to drive in most states as long as they do not cross state borders, but the minimum hiring age for most trucking companies is 21 or older.

10-Years Driving History

To get a truck driving job, you will need to provide a 10-year driving record. This record will include tickets or traffic accidents that may have occurred at that time. So, to confirm your driving record, you can request a report or abstract from your local DMV office before applying.

A Valid CDL/Able to Pass CDL Exam

If you do not have your CDL already, you will need to pass the exam to get started on the road. The CDL exam includes three portions: a road test, a vehicle inspection, and a backing test. If you enroll in a truck driver training program, you will be taught the proper procedures to pass your test.

You Must Meet Some Medical Qualifications

Certain medical conditions will make it impossible for you to handle truck driving. Therefore, you need to check with a medical professional who is certified by the Department of Transportation to see if your health condition would be a limitation for someone driving long distances. It is important you know that lying about a disqualifying condition would be seen as a deliberate omission or falsification and this will make your CDL invalid.

Benefits Of Truck Driver Jobs

There are lots of benefits attached to being a truck driver, some of them are listed below.

Flexible schedules

Truck drivers have the opportunity to make their schedules, which therefore allows them to maintain a work-life balance. They can decide to work only on weekdays so they can spend the weekends with their friends or family or they can choose to work days or nights, depending on their preferences. While some may decide to work outside for five days, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Career Advancement

As a truck driver, you can pursue more training to receive a higher salary or more career opportunities. You can become certified to teach at a truck driving school or you can advance into a management role. If you are also interested in entrepreneurship, you could become an owner-operator, by running your own trucking company.

Employee Benefits

Truck drivers can receive employee benefits like coverage for medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Some companies go to the extent of providing retirement plans or referral bonuses. Other employee benefits include paid time off like paid holidays and vacation time. These benefits differ as it depends on your position or company.

Choosing Your Driving Distance

As a truck driver, you can choose the distances that you want to drive. If you want to come home every night, you can choose to drive shorter routes or you can drive longer routes that take several days or more to complete. The number and distance of routes you take will be determined by how many total hours you want to work. So, if you drive shorter routes maybe one-day routes, then you may have to drive multiple routes in a week.

How To Apply for Truck Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Applying for a truck driver job is very easy, these are the steps to follow:

  • First, you need all the necessary documents and qualifications for applying for a truck driver job in the USA with visa sponsorship.
  • Then, create a high-quality resume and cover letter.
  • Next, go to any of the provided job listing websites.
  • Then search for truck driver jobs with Visa sponsorship.
  • Check the search results and proceed with the application as per the provided instructions.

Visas Available for Truck Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in USA

The H-2B Visa is available for truck drivers. If you want to work in the U.S. as a truck driver, this H-2B nonimmigrant visa program is the best as it allows U.S. employers or U.S. agents who meet specific regulatory requirements to bring foreign nationals to the U.S. to fill jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A US Work Visa for Truck Driving?

As a truck driver, you can get a US work visa, but to qualify for an H-2B visa, you must be at least 18 years old. Commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) issued in Mexico and Canada are valid in the United States but other drivers will need to pass a test and receive their U.S. CDL before they start work.

What Is the Difference Between a Truck Driver and A Delivery Driver?

Truck Drivers and Delivery Drivers share some similar tasks, responsibilities, and objectives but the scope of their work differs greatly. Truck Drivers transport large amounts of cargo over long distances. They drive cargo trucks that require a special commercial driver’s license to operate. But Delivery Drivers might drive a company truck or their vehicle. They make local deliveries instead of driving long distances.

What Makes a Good Truck Driver?

To be a good truck driver you need to have some skills and training to help you carry out your job well. Driving for many hours requires consistent and unwavering focus for the safety of the Truck Driver, their truck, and others on the road. So, they need to have substantial physical stamina and fitness to effectively load and unload their cargo without injury. Also, they need to possess excellent spatial awareness to help them navigate narrow roads and complicated intersections with ease and success.

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