CheggOrg Global Student Prize 2024 (Up to $100,000 Worth of Prize) | Apply Now

The Global Student Prize is open to students aged 16 and older who are currently enrolled in an educational institution or training program, including part-time and online students.

CheggOrg Global Student Prize

Applicants will be evaluated based on their academic success, influence on their peers, contributions to their community and beyond, ability to overcome challenges, creativity and originality, and demonstration of global citizenship.


  • The winner will receive US$100,000 worth of prize.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be at least sixteen(16) years old when submitting an entry
  • Applicant must be currently enrolled as a student in an academic institution or training program. This includes part-time students and those taking online courses. The Prize is available to students in all types of schools and, as long as it complies with local regulations, in any country globally.
  • Applicant must not have any legal restrictions preventing participation in the Contest or receiving the Prize according to their country’s laws.
  • Applicants, as well as anyone associated with them, should not have a criminal record.
  • An Applicant, as well as any associated individuals, have not engaged in any behavior that would harm the reputation of the teaching profession, VF, its affiliates, any GEMS Education group company, or their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, and subsidiaries (“VF Parties”) or Chegg, as determined solely by VF.

Selection Criteria

Candidates seeking the Global Student Prize will undergo a thorough evaluation based on a set of demanding standards to recognize exceptional students worldwide. The selection committee will seek indications of one or multiple combinations of the criteria outlined below:

  • Academic achievement: A strong academic record is a crucial aspect of a student’s identity, and those applying for the Global Student Prize are expected to have excelled in this area.
  • Impact on your peers: Exceptional students will have positively influenced their peers and contributed to improving their student community.
  • Making a difference in your community and beyond: Future student leaders will embody societal values and work towards promoting positive social change.
  • Overcoming the odds: Many outstanding students have had to overcome significant obstacles to achieve their educational and personal goals, demonstrating qualities of determination and perseverance.
  • Creativity and innovation: Creativity and innovation are essential traits for students, who are often relied upon to create new ideas and advancements for the future.
  • Fostering global citizens: The success of society relies on global citizens who can work together to address complex global issues, and candidates for the Prize will have demonstrated a passion for global cooperation through their actions and projects involving people from other countries.

How To Apply For CheggOrg Global Student Prize 2024

  • Those who have been successful will receive notification by the middle of July 2024. The announcement of the top 10 finalists and the winner will be made at a later date in the year.
  • To be a part of the CheggOrg Global Student Prize or to nominate, click here.

For more information please visit the official website of CheggOrg Global Student Prize.

Application Deadline

April 28, 2024.

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