Netflix Releases Trailer for You Season 4 Part 1

Netflix releases trailer for You season 4 part 1. As you should know, season 4 of You will be dropping in two parts, the first part will be released on February 9 while the second part, on the other hand, is set to be released on March 9.

Netflix Releases Trailer for You Season 4 Part 1

Netflix Releases Trailer for You Season 4 Part 1

One of the main questions that the trailer of You season 4 which was released on Monday asks is just how many times will Joe Goldberg run away from his murderous and compulsive tendencies only for him to then face then head on a whole new place with a new love interest in the mix.

The series as you should know mirrors the approach taken by Netflix with stranger things last summer. And with that being said You will be coming out in two parts with the first five episodes releasing on February 9 and the second batch five of the series following suit on march 9.

Recap of the Previous Seasons

Goldberg has always attempted to leave his relationship issues back in the US and we all know just how good he is at it. Goldberg while in London is known as Professor Jonathan Moor and he is prepared to leave his love-obsesses inclinations in the past and then start anew.

A mind-blowing third season of the series finale however left Goldberg leaving and giving his child henry up, killing his wife’s love and then putting up a scheme that framed love as his killer, and in the process blowing up his cookie-cutter home and then escaping the confines of Madre Linda in a bid to find the love interest of season 3 in Europe known as Marienne.

And as he tries to keep a low profile while in London, Goldberg then falls in with a circle of privileged douchebags who might just be well connected to a round of murders that are taking place among the elite. And in an attempt to figure out the person responsible for the killings, Goldberg, who is the notorious stalker in the previous seasons, turns the person getting stalked as he begins to get anonymous threatening texts.

What to Expect With the New Season

And just as in the previous three seasons, we can expect to see love triangles, debauchery, and chaotic setups by our serial killer main character paired, in this very season with dark academia vibes as well as an anti-rich message to go with it.


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