Celebrating Mountain Majesty – Apply Now for the Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024

Mountains, with their awe-inspiring beauty and resilience, stand as icons of nature’s grandeur. To honour their magnificence and capture their essence, the Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024 welcomes applications.

Apply Now for the Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024
Apply Now for the Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024

This article explores the details of this esteemed competition, including deadlines, benefits, eligibility criteria, submission requirements, and tips for a successful application.


The primary objective of the Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024 is to celebrate the majestic beauty of mountains through photography. By showcasing the diversity and significance of mountain landscapes, the competition aims to raise awareness about their importance and inspire conservation efforts worldwide.


Photographers are encouraged to submit captivating photo essays that capture the essence of mountains. Whether it’s the rugged peaks, serene valleys, or vibrant ecosystems, participants have the opportunity to share their unique perspectives on these natural wonders. Through the competition, the goal is to create a visual narrative that highlights the beauty, resilience, and cultural significance of mountains.


Applications for the Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024 must be submitted by [Deadline: 6 May 2024]. Photographers must meet this deadline to ensure their entries are considered for this prestigious contest.

Funding Amount

The Grand Prize winner will receive $3000 CDN.


Participation in the Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024 offers numerous benefits:

  • Recognition:

Winning entries will be showcased in exhibitions, publications, and online platforms, providing photographers with valuable exposure and acknowledgement.

  • Prizes:

Cash prizes and other awards will be bestowed upon top submissions, offering financial support and incentives.

  • Networking:

Participants can connect with fellow photographers, industry professionals, and mountain enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and growth.

  • Conservation Impact:

By highlighting the beauty and importance of mountains, participants contribute to raising awareness and promoting conservation efforts.

Eligibility Criteria

The Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024 is open to photographers worldwide, with certain eligibility criteria:

  • Age:

Participants must be 18 years or older.

– Theme: Entries must focus on the beauty, diversity, and significance of mountains.

  • Originality:

Submissions must be original works by the participant.

– Technical Requirements: Photographs must meet specified technical standards.


Entries may be deemed ineligible if they:

  • Do not adhere to the competition theme or guidelines.
  • Involve plagiarism or copyright infringement.
  • Include previously published or awarded photographs.

Eligible Countries and People

Photographers worldwide, regardless of nationality or residence, are eligible to participate in the Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024.

Application Process

  • Visit the Official Website:

Start by visiting the official website https://www.banffcentre.ca/mountain-photo-essay-competition.

  • Review Guidelines:

Familiarize yourself with the competition guidelines, including eligibility criteria, theme requirements, and technical specifications for submissions.

  • Prepare Your Photo Essay:

Develop your photo essay, focusing on capturing the essence of mountain landscapes. Select your best images and arrange them in a cohesive narrative that tells a compelling story.

  • Complete the Application Form:

Fill out the online application form provided on the competition website. Ensure that all required fields are accurately completed and that you have uploaded your photo essay according to the specified format.

  • Submit Your Entry:

Once your photo essay is ready and your application form is complete, submit your entry through the designated portal on the competition website. Double-check all details before finalizing your submission.

  • Await Confirmation:

After submitting your entry, await confirmation of receipt from the competition organizers. This acknowledgement serves as confirmation that your submission has been successfully received and will be considered for the competition.

  • Notification of Results:

Following the judging process, participants will be notified of the competition results within the specified timeframe. Winners and selected entries may be announced on the competition website and through other communication channels.

Documentation Requirements

To apply, participants may need to provide:

  • A brief biography or artist statement.
  • High-quality images comprise the photo essay, with captions or descriptions.
  • Any additional requested materials.

Tips for Successful Application

Enhance your chances of success with these tips:

  • Understand the Theme:

Ensure your submission aligns with the competition theme.

  • Tell a Story:

Craft a compelling narrative through your photo essay.

  • Showcase Creativity:

Experiment with different perspectives and techniques.

  • Pay Attention to Detail:

Ensure compliance with technical requirements and guidelines.

  • Seek Feedback:

Get input from peers or mentors before submitting.

Types of Grants

The Mountain Photo Essay Competition 2024 welcomes a variety of entries that capture the awe-inspiring beauty of mountains. Here are the different types of entries participants can submit:

  • Panoramic Landscapes:

Capture sweeping vistas that showcase the grandeur and scale of mountain ranges.

  • Close-up Details:

Focus on the intricate details found within mountain landscapes, such as rock formations, flora, and fauna.

  • Environmental Portraits:

Incorporate human elements into mountain scenes to convey a sense of scale and perspective. Environmental portraits feature individuals or communities interacting with mountain environments, highlighting the human connection to these majestic landscapes.

  • Seasonal Changes:

Capture the changing seasons in mountain regions, from snow-capped peaks in winter to blooming wildflowers in spring. Seasonal shots illustrate the dynamic nature of mountains and the diverse ecosystems they support.

  • Adventure and Exploration:

Showcase the spirit of adventure and exploration in mountain photography. Images of mountaineering, hiking, skiing, or other outdoor activities convey the thrill and excitement of experiencing mountains firsthand.

  • Cultural Heritage:

Explore the cultural significance of mountains through photography. Document traditional practices, rituals, or ceremonies that are unique to mountain communities, celebrating the rich cultural heritage associated with these landscapes.

  • Conservation Stories:

Tell stories of conservation efforts and environmental stewardship in mountain regions. Highlight initiatives aimed at protecting mountain ecosystems, preserving biodiversity, and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Photographers aged 18 and above with a passion for mountain photography.

What types of photographs are eligible?

Those showcasing the beauty, diversity, and significance of mountains.

How are winners selected?

Based on criteria such as creativity, composition, and storytelling.

In Conclusion:

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your passion for mountain photography and contribute to the celebration of these majestic landscapes. Apply now and share your unique perspective with the world.



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