More Than 16000 Players Were Reportedly Banned From Escape From Tarkov In The Previous Month

More than 16000 players were reportedly banned from Escape From Tarkov in the previous month. well, that is a whole lot of banned players, making one wonder what it is that they have done on the platform to face such a fate. But if you are a player, know now that the BattleEye is always watching.

Players Banned From Escape From Tarkov

Players Banned From Escape From Tarkov

Battlestate Games, the developer of Escape From Tarkov has just recently shared a new list of players that are banned from the game over the space of just a month all thanks to the usage of anti-cheat software.

The Google Sheet in question details 16600 banned account names and has already been released on the official Tarkov Twitter page, thus exposing every player that has been banned between July 28 and August 31, 2023. Although it is quite fairly disheartening to see so many banned players all in one place, as it simply proves that Battlestate games are cracking down on players that are modifying the game and thus jeopardizing the experience for other players.

What is BattlEye

BattlEye, which is the anti-cheat software that Escape from Tarkov relies on, simply identifies whenever a player has modified the game with things such as an aimbot or any sort of wall hacking, and then automatically bans them, just before sending their name to Battlestate Games who then reportedly post it publicly to name and shame. The full extent of what the software, BattlEye is capable of can be found on the Ubisoft website, for anyone who is still curious.

Other Times Players Have Been Banned From Escape From Tarkov

This is not the first time that we have seen a large list of banned players for Escape From Tarkov, and, while BattlEye is still very much in action, it will not be the last, but at least we have got more evidence of Battlestate Games reportedly cracking down on game manipulation to ensure honest, friendly competition on its platform and in the future of Tarkov. We can now be reassured knowing that cheating is actively being combatted by the studio.

Battlestate Games Is Also Cracking Down On Data Miners

Alongside in-game cheating, Battlestate Games on the other hand is also cracking down on data miners as reportedly shared in a statement that was posted three months ago, but we really do not expect to receive yet another list of names detailing who has been caught in the act.



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