Escape from Tarkov Has Finally Changed Its Most Annoying Quest

Escape from Tarkov has finally changed its most annoying quest. Many people are really happy about this news as this is one development that is long overdue, and many have wasted no time to tag it as ‘Escape from Exasperation.’

Escape From Tarkov Quest

Escape From Tarkov Quest

Good news, fans of Escape from Tarkov, the most annoying quest of the game is no more finally. Well, it is still included by name just so you know, but its most infuriating aspect however has finally and thankfully been sent into the sun, and hopefully never to be heard of or seen again.

The quest in question just in case you don’t know is ‘A Shooter Born In Heaven’. Prior to the latest patch of Tarkov (0.13.5, which was reportedly released in the previous week), the quest in question required players to take out a certain number of enemies from a set distance.

And as reported by NME, originally, players had to reportedly take out three private military contractors (PMC) enemies at a distance of 100m or even more across four specific locations. Sadly for anyone with a hatred of long-range weapons, the developers of the game then decided to up the ante, and this very requirement was later altered to 125m or more, thus making it even harder for gamers in general.

A Shooter Born In Heaven Quest after the Patch

As of the newly released patch, ‘A Shooter Born In Heaven’ mercifully does not have any objectives that is centered around the distance of your shots. Players must now, take to the Streets of Tarkov, Shoreline, Woods, Reserve, Customs, Lighthouse, and Interchange, where they are reportedly tasked with taking out five PMC operatives with headshots all the while making use of the bolt-action rifle. And just to be clear, that is five enemies in each reported location, for a total of 35 eliminations, so it is still not the speediest quest in the world, but the change to its objective will surely be a relief to many and a very much welcome development.

The Downside to the Newly Released Patch

The new patch of Escape from Tarkov also cleared the progress of players for the very first time this year. This simply means that the inventories, stats, mission progress, and skills have now been set entirely. If it is that you have been playing Tarkov for a while now, the whole concept of the wipe obviously will not be anything new to you, but it would however be understandable if newer players of the game were feeling a bit glum regarding the loss of their progress. Well, at least, it will now be very much easier for players to get ‘A Shooter Born in Heaven’ completed again this time around, though.



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