Meta Removes the Oculus Quest’s Most Annoying Requirement

Meta Removes the Oculus Quest’s Most Annoying Requirement which is great. Starting in August, you would have to connect a Facebook account to make use of Meta’s virtual reality (VR) headsets as the company is rolling out a new account system.

Meta Removes the Oculus Quest’s Most Annoying Requirement

Meta accounts would be starting a new standard moving forward for new and existing users. This move reverses an old requirement that forced oculus users to sign up for Facebook in order for you to make use of meta headsets.

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Meta Removes the Oculus Quest’s Most Annoying Requirement

People making use of Facebook accounts would be forced to make the switch. Meta’s Original plan of ditching support for oculus accounts has been slated for January 1, 2023. After that date, you would be required to create a new meta-account for you to keep on continue playing.

The company clarifies that its account system is not directly tied to social media platforms. No one would know what you are playing unless you share the information. But some people do have the option to connect their meta-account to their Facebook or their Instagram via the Account center and unlock new features. These include finding Facebook Friends to play VR games with and talking with people that are on the messenger app.

The company would also be working on a feature that would enable them to make use of their Meta account on other Meta devices. TechRadar has talked with meta to find out when the extended functionality would be launching and what else Meta is working on.

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Oculus Quest New Profiles and Security

To add to the Meta accounts, the company is implementing Horizon Profiles with new privacy controls.

Horizon profiles are in-game accounts that would house a player’s avatar, profile picture, and unique username. Also, you only can have one Horizon Profile per account. Also, it would tweak the menu language a little bit by just turning your friends right into followers, Similar to Instagram.

Meta has claimed that the word would change in more ways to be social and connect with others.” This interactivity can get fostered by the players by sharing recently unlocked achievements and their active status, as stated in the example given.

When it comes to privacy and controls, a new menu would be added alongside three viewing settings: available to everybody, friends and family, and solo. These would give people the chance to view their profile, from everybody found on the platform to just yourself. Users also get to set their Horizon profile to private so that they would be able to better filter followers’ requests. However, things like the username and the profile picture would still remain visible.

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Analysis: Meta’s Goal

Saying that most people do not like Facebook is quite an understatement. Goodwill towards the platform has soured in the past years and it does not help that Meta has reportedly been admitted and that it does not always know what happens to the user data if it collects. And then there are these huge data breaches.

Taking out the Facebook account requirement is quite the deal. Non-Facebook accounts for Quest headset have been available in the works for quite a while now. Now the major question here is what is Meta’s Goal with these accounts.

To guess, this new account system seems to be a continuation of Meta trying to further distance itself from Facebook as the company struggles to make the metaverse viable. But in an insider report is anything for you to go by, company CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “obsession” is only pushing people away.

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