Roku Ban YouTube TV App – Google’s Way Around Roku Ban on YouTube TV App

If you have been making use of Roku streamer, then you probably must have heard about Roku Ban YouTube TV app. Although Google seems appears to have a solution to the ban.

Roku Ban YouTube TV App

In a YouTube blog post that was posted on the 7 of May, Google announced that there would b a regular YouTube App that would hold a shortcut to the YouTube TV service, and would allow it to be accessible on the Roku OS:

Roku Ban YouTube TV App

Today, a new feature would be introduced, and this would grant you access to the YouTube TV starting from within the YouTube app, and it would make it easier to enjoy all the content that you love. All the Existing members can now access YouTube Tv easily by clicking on ‘Go to YouTube TV’ inside the YouTube App.

And this update would be made available to all the YouTube Tv members that are on Roku over the next few days, and this would expand to as many devices as we can over time.”

Google’s Way Around Roku Ban

The paid-for YouTube TV service is quite different from the free-to-use YouTube streaming platform, which is essentially offering an online-only cable TV alternative with over 70 channels.

It’s found on a host of 4K TVs these days, meaning any non-Roku TV owners would not be affected, and it is worth noting that existing YouTube TV subscribers would not be affected, and it is worth continuing to make use of the app. All newcomers of the YouTube Tv, though, would need to make use of this loophole via Google TV.

This blog post stated that Google is “still working to come to an agreement with Roku in other to ensure continued access to the YouTube TV for all their mutual customers. Plus, the “certification Process” That is Roku took issue with “exists in other to ensure a consistent and high-quality YouTube experience across all different devices, and this includes Google’s own – so you know how you would be able to navigate the app and what you would expect.


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