2021 Might Receive the Exynos-Powered Laptops by Samsung – Exynos chipset with AMD GPU

2021 Might still Receive the Exynos-Powered Laptop by Samsung, and it might be arriving at the later part of the year. A leak surfaced stating that Samsung has planned to release a version of their Exynos processor made for the laptops – something that the cloud, at least that is based on ‘industry source,’ that took place in the second half of 2021.

2021 Might Receive the Exynos-Powered Laptops by Samsung

Let’s say Samsung does not exactly make such an announcement, this would be the first time that the company launched windows laptops that is powered by their own chips.

2021 Might Receive the Exynos-Powered Laptops by Samsung

This new claim comes entirely from the Korea Economic Daily, which reports on behalf of unnamed industry sources that Samsung is currently working on a Windows laptop powered by the Exynos Processor for the notebooks rather than smartphones. The leaks concerning this new hardware talk about the result in ‘extraordinary’ battery efficiency and performance.

This happens to not be the first time that we have heard about this claim, but it does not come with an entirely new timeline: The Second half of this year, months later than the April unpacked announcement, some were expecting. When the time comes, the report claims that Samsung would reveal a ‘premium’ Exynos product that would be very suitable for both laptops and smartphones.

Exynos chipset with AMD GPU

As made with the previous set of leaks, this latest report goes on with the claim that Samsung’s upcoming chipset would be coming with graphics from AMD. Assuming that the rumors pan out, Samsung’s laptop would be the first modern windows model that was powered by the hardware created by the same manufacturer.

Though there are laptops that are made without processors from AMD and Intel, they still remain powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets. Samsung is uniquely positioned to challenge these existing options with their own Exynos chips, further pulling off something similar to what we have been expecting from Apple with its M1-powered MacBook offerings.


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