Microsoft Rolls Out another Change to Make Windows 11 Better

Microsoft rolls out another change to make Windows 11 better. The company has now rolled out a new update making the widget panel give users the choice to remove the MSN feed bloat.

Microsoft Windows 11 Better

Microsoft Windows 11 Better

Windows 11 in the future will be offering users the ability to ditch the Microsoft news feed from the widgets panel.

The widgets panel at the moment can be accessed via the taskbar in Windows 11 and it contains a mix of widgets as you might have expected along with MSN news stories that are highlighted by Microsoft.

Windows Central has recently reported that Microsoft has now made the decision to give users the choice and option to drop said news feed. This means that you will not be able to select from different layouts for the widgets panel, in fact, some which will be having the MSN feed in them, and just one will be widgets-only.

Positive Step Forward For Microsoft

This new development is yet another positive step forward Microsoft has taken with the widgets boards in Windows 11 in recent times.

The software giant notably is at the moment experimenting with a larger widgets panel, which is one that’s an extra column wide (three instead of just two), thus giving users plenty of real estate to view your widget-related stuff. And that will be even truer when you can easily get rid of MSN, and then have a large panel that is entirely dedicated to all of your widgets in the event that you have a lot of them.

This Is a Welcome Development for Widget Fans

Fans of widgets will also be pleased with rumors which are quite strong that Microsoft is going to let them to be dragged onto and then pinned to the desktop. Plus we are also seeing some extra touches such as animated icons for widgets that are coming in, as well as new widgets from the likes of major players such as Facebook. Microsoft also is driving hard with this area of the OS, for sure.

For many people, this is yet another change to Windows 11 which is not that hard to implement, and just simply makes the OS way better. More choice on the platforms is always a good thing, and Microsoft now appears to have taken up that message to heart with many of its most recent changes from the Build conference this very week.

Benefits of the New Update for Users

Users will now be able to select whether they want to see MSN news in the widgets panel (some users regard it as unnecessary bloat, but if you don’t mind, then you can still have those news headline highlights). Users will also be able to select as to whether they want to ‘never combine’ apps on the taskbar finally. Those updates right there are two key choices – at least for users – that can tailor the OS to easily and simply work the way they want.



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