Spider-Man 2 Set To Have a Release Date Soon

Spider-Man 2 is set to have a release date soon. Fans and enthusiasts hoping to get news on a release date for Spider-Man 2 have been told to stay tuned as a release date for the much-anticipated title will be announced soon.

Spider-Man 2 Release Date

Spider-Man 2 Release Date

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 reportedly closed out the PlayStation Showcase of this week with a big bang, but fans on the other hand that was hoping for a release date were left quite disappointed.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at the moment is slated for a ‘Fall 2023’ launch date. That will most likely be between the months of September and December, thus assuming that the anticipated PS5 game is not delayed into the following year. The good news here is that developer Insomniac Games was very quick to share its response on the social media platform Twitter.

The official account however tweeted that it is “eager to share more soon, including news about the release date, pre-orders, and accessibility features.” Hopefully, we will not be needing to wait much longer for a concrete launch date.

And by the looks of it, it kind of sounds like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be having a Deluxe or a Collector’s Edition that is ready for more enthusiastic buyers. It will however be great to hear more regarding the accessibility features of the game, too, as this is one area where PlayStation Studios typically excelled, with The Last of Us Part 2 even winning awards for its accessibility suite.

PlayStation Studio Title Release Date News

It’s most certainly not the first time that we have had to wait for quite some time for a release date for a PlayStation studio title. God of War Ragnarok left many fans in the lurch for some time, as did Ghost of Tsushima. But thankfully, both of the titles mentioned eventually got to launch to near-universal acclaim, and it is quite difficult to imagine anything different for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The PlayStation Showcase Lacked Concrete Release Date

The lack of a concrete release date however was something of a trend during the PlayStation Showcase. The vast majority of titles that were announced didn’t sport a date attached to it. And many in question, at best, gave vague release windows instead. We however have little to no idea as to when games such as Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, Revenant Hill, or Sword of the Sea will eventually get to reach PS5.

Meanwhile, in other news, Alan Wake 2 was a welcome standout, going way beyond CGI fluff with a trailer that is packed with story, actual gameplay, and most importantly, a sweet October 17 release date, unlike the others.

Every Announcement at the PlayStation Showcase

And lastly, if you, however, got to miss out on the event live, here is everything that was announced at the PlayStation Showcase, as well as every PSVR 2 game that was announced if it is that you are one of the early adopters of the headset.



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