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The Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme 2024, offered by the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), Is an opportunity for aspiring investigative journalists from underrepresented backgrounds. In memory of the remarkable Northern Irish journalist, Lyra McKee, whose life was tragically cut short in April 2019, this scheme serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to journalism despite facing numerous challenges.

Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme

Lyra McKee’s legacy lives on through this bursary scheme, which honors her resilience, courage, and dedication to truth-seeking journalism. Despite facing personal adversities and societal barriers, Lyra’s passion for investigative reporting never wavered. The scheme pays homage to her spirit by offering aspiring journalists the training, mentorship, and support needed to pursue a career in investigative journalism.

Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme 2024 – Details

The Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme is a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of journalism. Recognizing the systemic barriers that hinder access to journalism for individuals from marginalized communities, the scheme aims to empower those who have been historically underrepresented in the media landscape.

The CIJ encourages applications from individuals from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to people from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds, people of color, individuals with disabilities, caregivers, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and Travellers. Through the provision of financial support and specialized training, the scheme seeks to amplify the voices of those who have traditionally been marginalized in the media industry.

Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme – Benefits

  • Comprehensive Training and Mentorship: Selected candidates for the Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme will participate in a five-month program that includes both in-person and online components. The program offers access to cutting-edge investigative journalism training through the CIJ Summer Conference 2024, where participants will learn from leading experts in the field.
  • Pitching to Editors: The “Pitch to the Editors” session is where trainees will have the opportunity to pitch their stories to prominent editors from various UK media outlets. This invaluable experience not only hones their pitching skills but also provides a platform for their voices to be heard in the journalistic community.
  • Financial Support and Logistics: Thanks to the generous funding from the Lorana Sullivan Foundation and Lyra McKee’s family, the bursary covers the costs of training, mentorship, and, where necessary, travel and accommodation for participants attending the CIJSummer Conference 2024 in London.

Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme – How to Apply

Interested individuals can apply for the Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme by filling out the online application form at

For more information, visit Lyra McKee Bursary Scheme at

Key Dates to Remember

  • Call for Application opens: January 29th 2024
  • Application Close Date: April 1st 2024 at 23:59 BST
  • Successful applicants receive offers by: 1 May 2024
  • Start Date of Programme: Mid-May 2024
  • Conference 2024 begins: 3-4 July 2024
  • The ‘Pitch to the Editors’ Day: September 2024
  • The Programme ends in: September 2024

Application Deadline

The deadline for submissions is 1 April 2024, and only successful candidates will be contacted.

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