Legal Shield Review – Is Legal Shield a legitimate opportunity or a pyramid scheme?

Independence, freedom, and leisure to pursue your passions… Since the typical job route is no longer as viable as it once was, these items are in higher demand than ever. The traditional career path may not be as appealing as it was in the past, as independence, freedom, and the pursuit of passions have become more sought after.

Legal Shield Review

Legal Shield is emerging as a potential avenue to financial freedom and personal empowerment amidst these changing times.

In this Legal Shield review, we will examine the intricacies of this multi-level marketing (MLM) company, exploring its services, history, and the burning question: Is it a legitimate opportunity or a pyramid scheme?

What Is Legal Shield?

The multi-level marketing company (MLM) Legal Shield offers legal services like document preparation, trial defense, and legal counseling. They actually existed for a very long period before becoming Legal Shield.

Founder Harland Stonecipher started considering ways to make affordable legal care available to the general public as early as 1969 before the company changed its name to Legal Shield in 2011. Originally founded as a sportsmen’s club in 1972, Legal Shield was eventually acquired by Prepaid Legal Services in 1976.

Prepaid Legal Services implemented the multilevel marketing (MLM) strategy, also referred to as pyramid-type marketing, in 1983. 2011 saw MidOcean Partners acquire Prepaid Legal, which changed its name to Legal Shield in September of that same year. Additionally, they own ID Shield, which I’ll discuss in more detail below along with a few ID Shield reviews.

Who Is Legal Shield For?

As an opportunity, Legal Shield is typically best suited for individuals with strong multi-level marketing and sales skills. It works well for people who have a gregarious disposition and the gift of gab. Access to an already-existing social network is also beneficial. MLMs, however, aren’t for everyone.

Many people view multi-level marketing as frauds or pyramid schemes, therefore it can be challenging for some people to get over the stigma associated with it. It will also be difficult to maintain your excitement if you detest recruiting and sales.

If multilevel marketing doesn’t appeal to you, you can earn money by watching videos, exploring the internet, and visiting websites through services like, or by participating in online surveys offered by sites like Of course, they can’t replace a full-time job, but they can be a good starting point for those looking to make a little extra cash or start earning money from home.

An online business can be the answer if you’re more serious about establishing an “at-home lifestyle.” You may even require earning money from home if you have health issues, dependents at home, or a burning desire to get out of the rat race.

Legal Shield is only one of the many options available to us today. But if you’re interested in beginning an internet business, you’ll need to start somewhere in order to achieve your goals.

What Is The Legal Shield Scam Pyramid?

The two inquiries that prospective members of Legal Shield are likely to hear the most are “is it a scam?” and “is it a pyramid scheme?” The answer to the first query is no. It isn’t a fraud. Unlike some dubious MLM-style programs, such as Impact Mailing Club and 30-Day Success Formula, with a genuine product, Legal Shield is a reputable company.

Nevertheless, there’s a chance that the manner certain Legal Shield consultants promote or sell the opportunity is a scam. Being dishonest in order to obtain someone’s confidence and money is known as a scam. Therefore, even if Legal Shield is not a scam, someone would be trying to con you if they misled you about the possible revenue and the work required to attain it. I should make it clear that I am referring to individual consultants and not Legal Shield.

Legal Shield would NEVER support or condone such behavior. Although it is possible that some of Legal Shield’s consultants will tell lies in order to close deals or attract new clients, such behavior is not indicative of the company’s values. T

hey neither support nor encourage it. This also holds true for any MLM or business that offers goods with a ton of fine print that a salesperson can easily overlook. Therefore, a little common sense goes a long way in this situation, and it’s obvious that you’re not falling for the hype because you’re reading this review and doing your own research.

Is Legal Shield a legitimate opportunity or a pyramid scheme?

Answering the second question—”Is it a pyramid scheme?”is a little more difficult. The majority of MLM participants will swear with their lives that their organization is not a pyramid scam.

They will provide a dozen or more justifications for their positions, and in most cases, they will be correct from a legal one. In actuality, though, you’ll wind up with a pyramid of people where money flows up if you recruit people, and those people recruit people, and so on.

The primary distinction between an illegal and legal pyramid is that the latter offers fictitious goods and services, whereas the former does not (Legal Shield). Thus, in line with the legislation… Legal Shield is not a pyramid scheme. Although your personal definition of a pyramid scheme may change, it would be incorrect to refer to this as a scam pyramid or a scheme. Legal Shield is authentic.

Legal Shield Review

Just like with other items, you can find reviews online that are both favorable and unfavorable. This problem is further complicated by the intricacy of legal services.

For example, there have been reviews from customers with their sob stories and experience with Legal Shield but then Legal Shield gave their own side of the story and it appears it was just a misunderstanding. However, they do have some bad reviews and complaints from customers.

This is, at most, a buyer-beware product based on the mixed reviews I’ve seen. Regretfully, Legal Shield cannot be taken out of a box, tested if possible, and then decided if it was worth the money.

ID Shield Review

Similar to the evaluations for Legal Shield mentioned above, there are both favorable and negative reviews for Identity Theft. Once more, I haven’t found a product (of any kind) that fulfills the needs of everyone.

Similar to Legal Shield, the primary problem with ID Shield is that it’s an insurance-type product that you have to pay for (monthly) in advance of using it. Ideally, you won’t ever require it. However, you might have to invest a sizable sum of money before you can test the goods.


Concluding this article, Legal Shield is a well-established multi-level marketing company that offers legal services and is not a scam or pyramid scheme. It can also be a suitable opportunity for individuals with good sales skills and social networks, but it may not be so good for everyone.

The mixed reviews and customer experiences make it a “buyer beware” product, requiring careful consideration.

While trying to attain financial independence and freedom, it’s important to thoroughly research and assess all available options, including Legal Shield, and ID Shield, to determine if it aligns with your goals and values. Remember, there are various paths to achieve your desired lifestyle, and it’s crucial to choose the one that best suits your unique circumstances and aspirations.

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