Jamlab Accelerator Programme 2023 for Journalism & Media Innovators in Sub Saharan Africa

Have you heard of the Jamlab Accelerator Programme 2023?  The Programme is a six-month program for journalism and media innovators in Sub-Saharan Africa who are looking to develop their media startups or projects.

Jamlab Accelerator Programme 2023
Jamlab Accelerator Programme 2023

Furthermore, the program is designed to provide needed resources, skills, and mentorship. It also encouraged them to develop their ideas into real enterprises. The Journalism and Media Lab (Jamlab) of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, is in charge of the program. Jamlab is a research and innovation lab dedicated to promoting innovation in African journalism and media.

About Jamlab Accelerator Programme

The Jamlab Accelerator Programme is open to individuals or teams with early-stage media projects. Or startups that are based in Sub-Saharan Africa. Successful applicants will receive funding, mentorship, and access to a network of media and business experts.

Participants will attend a series of workshops and training sessions during the first phase. Which is intended to assist them in refining their business ideas and developing their skills. Participants will receive funds and continue to work with mentors to implement their projects in the second round. It is between June through November 2023.

The Jamlab Accelerator Program is extremely competitive. However, a limited number of applications are chosen every year. Currently, applications for 2023 are now being accepted. Hurry and apply now because the application deadline is May 19, 2023.

Benefits of Jamlab Accelerator Programme 2023

About six teams will be selected to receive the following:

  • An online (virtual) session and coaching from experienced media, startup, and tech experts and entrepreneurs.
  • Successful teams will enjoy a free three-month Media Entrepreneurship course offered by Wits Centre for Journalism.
  • The teams will have unlimited access to the technical support development team.
  • You gain access to a stable network.

How to Apply for Jamlab Accelerator Programme 2023?

To apply for the Jamlab Accelerator Programme:

  • Interested individuals or teams will need to submit an online application form, which will include information about their media project or startup.
  • Applicants will need to demonstrate a clear understanding of their target audience and the problem they are trying to solve, as well as a well-thought-out business plan.
  • After receiving the applications, a selection team will analyze them and invite a shortlist of individuals for interviews.
  • Following the interviews, a final group of participants will be chosen to participate in the program.
  • Official website: https://jamlab.africa/apply-for-the-2022-23-jamlab-accelerator-programme/

Eligibility Criteria for Jamlab Accelerator Programme 2023

  • Startups that seek to create innovative products or services to serve new audiences or bring new conversations or ideas to the public are encouraged to apply
  • Applications are welcome from countries from the continent of Africa.

FAQs for Jamlab Accelerator Programme

Do I Need to Be an Entrepreneur to Apply?

Your project can be for-profit or not-for-profit. Whether you are an entrepreneur who needs a market to sustain a journalism business or a social entrepreneur who envisages donations supporting their venture, you will need to develop a strong idea of how you are going to reach the people who will use your product or service, why they will want to use it, who will pay for it and who will invest in it. You will also need to commit to the highest standards of media ethics.

What Counts as Journalism and Media?

Your business or idea may be about making data or knowledge more helpful and accessible, or it could be about facilitating debate and feedback. What we now call journalism and journalistic media originated in the age of print a long time ago. Journalism of the future will have to look and work differently.

Click the link found below for more frequently asked questions: http://jamlab.africa/what-we-are-looking-for/#faqs



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