iOS 17 is Rumored To Come With Major Changes To The Control Center

iOS 17 is rumored to come with major changes to the Control Center and we are ready for it. continue reading the content of this post to know all about the reported changes coming to the control panel with the introduction of the iOS 17 software update.

iOS 17 Control Center

iOS 17 Control Center

We are hearing more about iOS 17 as the expected unveiling date of June 5 edges closer. And right now, the latest rumor in regard to the upcoming update is related to a key part of the mobile operating system of Apple, which is the Control Center.

And according to an anonymous and reliable source speaking to MacRumors prior to this, this year is the year that we are going to see “major” changes to the Control Center which is the hub that helps to handle everything from Bluetooth connections down to volume control.

The Source of This Rumor

The source in question unfortunately does not give any more detail than that, so we are just left wondering what these significant changes might be. New icons? Bigger buttons? Smart sorting so that the most-used functions get to stay near the top of the screen.

The Control Center Has Not Been Changed for a Long Time Now

What we do know for certain is that the Control Center ever since iOS 11 made its debut back in 2017 has remained largely unchanged. You may even remember that before that, the Control Center was split over two screens, and it wasn’t quite as polished in regards to its user interface.

The Control Center in iOS 11 also was customized for the very first time which simply means that you could now decide on which shortcuts and features get to appear on it. That in question made it much easier to cut down on any form of confusion or potential clutter.

Expect More Rumors Before Official Launch Date

And after six years, it still feels like the right time to give the Control Center another makeover. You should however expect more iOS 17 leaks and rumors before the June 5 launch date when Apple is expected to launch the software update at its WWDC 2023 event.



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