Safari Might Get a Dark Mode in iOS 15 Rumored Update

Safari Might Get a Dark Mode in iOS 15 Rumored Update. It seems like iOS 15 would be getting its very own dark mode function, alongside much better features that aid with your privacy involving cookies.

Safari Might Get a Dark Mode in iOS 15 Rumored Update

Safari Might Get a Dark Mode in iOS 15 Rumored Update

Apple’s Web browser works off an engine that is called WebKit, it is similar to how google chrome browser is powered by an engine that goes by the name chromium.

Seeing as Webkit is an open-source that was hosted on GitHub, that enables any developer to add their programming to the engine, there have been some new features uncovered that may see an appearance in iOS 15.4, or iOS 16.

While we might encounter some rumored March events approaching, it does raise the question of whether more regular updates should appear to Apple’s apps, instead of waiting for a huge iOS update every year.

Regular Updates for Safari are Welcome

In the last few years, since iOS 13 Apple has made a concerted effort to introduce more features to its software across multiple releases, instead of waiting to launch them all in one big release alongside the latest iPhone.

iOS 13.4 came as a great example where the mouse support was brought to the iPad Line, alongside the magic Keyboard peripheral that included a trackpad.

But still, safari is having experienced a rough ride recently, with its new design at WWDC 2021 criticized by users, then rolled back significantly once 15 and macOS Monterey were released in September 2021.

There is at the moment a design that is halfway between what was shown in 2021, and what every apple user has had since safari1.0 in 2007 with the original iPhone.


However, new features that include custom dark mode and more privacy options could offer more faith to users of apple’s web Xbox Game Pass Launched for March 2022 focusing on a new look that just wasn’t needed or asked for. Instead, these features would be arriving to benefit their privacy, and how the browser would look in a different shade of dark.


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