Dating in Facebook App 2021 – Online Dating on Facebook App | How Facebook Dating Works

Want some more information on dating in Facebook app 2021? It’s 2021 and some persons are still confused and still asking the question as to whether the Facebook social network can be used for dating.

Dating in Facebook App 2021

Well if you have been following me on my posts then you should know the answer to this question already. But if on the other hand, you don’t know what it is, this is a golden chance for you, one that shouldn’t be missed.

Dating in Facebook App 2021

Facebook is one of the few social networks where one can actually do whatever he or she wants. On Facebook, you can be an influencer, a digital marketer, a retailer, a gamer and so many more. One of the best and recent features of the platform is the dating feature. has been making the news recently. Although being one of the recent features of the platform, it is one of the best ever.

With the launch of the dating feature on Facebook, users and account holders on the platform can now find love and other romantic relationships. If you would love to know more about the feature, you will have to continue reading the contents of this post.

How Facebook Dating Works

Facebook dating will be bringing something new to the dating table and industry. The popular swiping feature that is so famous among dating platforms will not be found on the dating feature on Facebook. Users will not need to wait till they match with other users before they start conversations. All you need to do to start conversations with other users is to like their profiles or directly comment on their profiles.

Potential matches on the platform will be suggested to you based on common interests. Facebook has said you will not be matched with your friends on the platform but rather you will be matched with those that are not close to you or around your circle. You will be suggested friends of your friends or people you do not know. But there is another feature that will help you add your friends as potential matches.

The name of this feature on Facebook dating is known as secret crush. The secret crush feature will allow users to add up to nine Facebook friends and or Instagram followers to a list of potential matches. When the other person adds you to their secret crush list, it becomes a match. But if the person is not using Facebook dating or did not reciprocate the move, the person will not be notified and your identity remains anonymous.

Lastly, there is a feature that lets users add their Facebook and Instagram stories to Facebook dating. Users also can link their Facebook and Instagram accounts to Facebook dating also.

Online Dating on Facebook App

To get started with this feature, you will need to set up a dating profile. Making use of Facebook dating or setting up a profile is free. to get started, go to your Facebook mobile app. Select the hamburger icon in the top right corner and select dating from the list of options. Follow the prompt from there on to set up your dating profile successfully.

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