iOS 17 Beta Reportedly Moves The End Call Button Again

The just released iOS 17 beta reportedly moves the end call button again and this time according to users for the better. This means that you can now end calls more easily with the new iOS 17 beta.

iOS 17 Beta End Call Button

iOS 17 Beta End Call Button

Apple in just the previous week reportedly launched an iOS 17 beta with yet another controversial change. A change that saw the end call button moved to a new position that seems to be harder to get to for left-handers and even harder to find with muscle memory.

And right now, presumably in a response to the negative feedback it got, the company has now moved it again, but this time around to a more reasonable place.

This latest change in question comes in yet another iOS 17 beta. This is specifically, the sixth developer beta as well as the fourth public beta, both of which in question are out now and contain the very same content.

How the End Call Button Has Changed With This New Beta

With this released beta, the end call button has now been moved to a more central position again, just like it is in iOS 16, but slightly lower down on the screen. It is also now surrounded by the other well-known call actions, which as it is in iOS 16 are separated from it. You can also get to see where the call button sits now in a shared post from Brandon Butch, while a post from Morning Brew on the other hand shows where it was in the previous beta and also where it is in iOS 16.

So, this very latest change with this new beta is sort of a middle ground between the iOS 16 end call button’s position as well as its position in the previous iOS 17 beta. It should however be much easier for left-handed people to now reach than in its previous place (although depending on how you are holding your phone, it just might still be trickier than in iOS 16), and it totally makes the other call action buttons very much easy to reach than as it is in iOS 16.

However, those other reported buttons haven’t just been moved further down the screen, they have also been moved around in contrast to how they are in iOS 16, so muscle memory here in this context will still be an issue. Still, we are generally and very much okay with this new change.

Other New Changes to the Beta

This however is not the only new thing in the latest iOS 17 beta, although there really is not much else of note. MacRumors has just found that, in the Messages app, you can now effectively long press the ‘+’ button in a bid to launch the photo picker, rather than just having to manually select it from a list of listed options.

The site in question also reports that the animations that are used for moods in the mood tracking feature have also been tweaked, a splash screen now appears when you launch the Photos app initially to tell you about the new features, and the wallpaper icon in the Display & Brightness section of the settings app on the other hand now shows an iOS 17 wallpaper.

Download the iOS 17 Beta

This as you should know is not the biggest of updates with the beta, then, but if it is that you are already running an iOS 17 beta, it is worth downloading. If however, you are still on iOS 16, then at this point we would suggest that you wait for the finished version of iOS 17, as that is probably just a month away. But if it is that you really want to give it a try now, here’s a guide on how to download the iOS 17 beta.



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