International Liver Cancer Association – ILCA Africa Fellowship Program 2022

With a goal to better prevent and treat liver cancer, the International Liver Cancer Association offers the lLCA Africa Fellowship program. ILCA is the only recognized international organization with commitments to exclusive liver cancer research for experts from all related disciplines.

ILCA Africa Fellowship Program

The ILCA Africa Fellowship 2022 is focused on supporting research with projects in Africa with a topic relevant to African patients. ILCA’s mission is to lead a global community of physicians, and scientists through education and research in preventing and treating liver cancer.

This is achieved by promoting novel pathogenic, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions for liver cancer by taking a transversal approach to research and bringing together scientists, physicians, and allied professionals from all interrelated fields.

ILCA is speeding up measures to alleviate Africa’s need for medical assistance. Even though the African regions have a very high disease burden, scientific resources for diagnosing, treating, and researching liver cancer are very limited in most parts of this continent.

Thus, ILCA recognizes this clinical and scientific need and plans to develop a strategy to engage African organizations and healthcare professionals in the education and training activities of ILCA hence the provision of lLCA Africa Fellowship.

Who’s eligible to Apply for lLCA Africa Fellowship

  • The interested Candidate must be based in Africa. Meanwhile, the Fellowship recipients can complete this program within Africa or at the research mentor’s institution (if outside of Africa).
  • Applicants must be below 40 years and must be undertaking a post-doctoral study in a liver cancer-related discipline within a public or private non-profit institution engaged in health care and health-related research.
  • Candidates are expected to hold a Ph.D. or MD and pursue post-doctoral studies which include both basic and clinical research.
  • Candidates in post-MD Residency or Fellowship programs and engaged in liver cancer research are eligible to apply
  • For candidates having full-time faculty positions, letters of commitment are required to confirm support of the Fellowship requirements.
  • To be eligible to apply, the candidate must be an ILCA member in good standing and remain an ILCA member for the duration of the fellowship.
  • For membership renewal, or to apply kindly visit the membership section on ILCA Website and process your membership application online.
  • The candidate must be supported by a research mentor to be eligible for this fellowship.

Please note that the mentor must be an ILCA member in good standing at the time of application and maintain active membership for the duration of the fellowship period. However, the Mentor does not need to be based in Africa.

In the event that the mentor is not a member, he/she should apply for or renew his/her membership online on the ILCA website.

How to Apply for the lLCA Africa Fellowship?

Application for this fellowship is now open, follow the guidelines below to apply:

Very Important!

The required documents must be submitted before 3rd June 2022.

The benefits of lLCA Africa Fellowship

This program seeks to;

  • Motivate young investigators to pursue a career in liver cancer research
  • Enhance the potential of outstanding young scientists and encourage research in liver cancer disciplines
  • An opportunity for career development for individuals carrying out research in a liver cancer-related area and who have shown commitment to excellence at an early stage of their research study
  • The fellowship helps progress ILCA’s mission to lead a global community of physicians, scientists, and allied professionals through education and research with the goal of better preventing and treating liver cancer
  • Also, the fellowship seeks to promote science through the support of young researchers

Selection of Applicants

  • All Applications for this fellowship will be reviewed by the ILCA Executive Committee and the ILCA Education Committee.
  • The Fellow will be recognized publicly during the Africa HepatoPancreatoBiliary Cancer Consortium Conference (25-28 August 2022) and the 16th ILCA Annual Conference (1-4 September 2022).
  • Subsequently, all successful applicants will be contacted around July 2022 and the outcome of the selection process will be announced within the ILCA Community.



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