Apply For PhD Fellowship 2022 At University Of Copenhagen – Study In Denmark

Apply For PhD Fellowship 2022 At the University Of Copenhagen. Denmark is a popular study destination in Europe for most international students thanks to its low study costs and high-quality English-taught Ph.D. Fellowship degrees at the University of Copenhagen, and innovative teaching methods.

Apply For PhD Fellowship 2022 At University Of Copenhagen

Most times, studying in Denmark is the first choice of international students due to its great standard of living and the large variety of study subjects available at Danish universities.

If you’re considering studying abroad at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, then it will necessitate you to find out the detailed information about tuition and living costs to enable you to make decisions for your future. As you keep reading, you will get to find out everything you need to know about the University of Copenhagen Ph.D. Fellowship 2022; eligibility and how to apply.

Apply For PhD Fellowship 2022 At University Of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is pleased to announce the open applications for Ph.D. Fellowship 2022. The university offers Ph.D. Fellowship through the Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) which commences from 1 September 2022 or later. The department carries out pure basic and applied social science research and has a number of educational and public sector advisory service responsibilities within the fields.

Details of PhD Fellowship 2022 at  University of Copenhagen

  • Application Deadline: 19th April 2022
  • Eligible Field: Relevant research areas for the Ph.D. scholarships are within the following thematic areas covered by the four larger research groups at IFRO:
  1. Environment and natural resources These include the economic regulation of environmental externalities and natural resource use, environmental valuation methods, energy economics, behavioral economics, environmental sociology and governance, conflict resolution, policies on climate change, management, fishery, and aquaculture economics, environmental ethics
  2. Production, markets, and policy, which include production economics, applied microeconomics, efficiency analysis, innovation, management science, organization and ownership, policy design and analysis, business economics, agricultural and food economics, the impact of international trade on food and natural resources
  3. Consumption, bioethics, and regulation, which includes food economics, food sociology and policy, law, consumer behavior and policy, nutritional policy studies and nutritional sociology, public health economics, and policy in both the human and the animal science fields.
  4. Global development includes inter-disciplinary research on economic, political, environmental, and institutional dynamics in developing societies. The Research areas include issues of livelihoods, small-scale industry, trade, and labor; climate change mitigation and adaptation; forest and natural resource management; resource conflicts and governance; state formation, and law.
  • Type of Scholarship: PhD
  • Applicants Selection
  1. Must possess relevant professional qualifications to the Ph.D. project
  2. Must possess Relevant publications and Work experience
  3. He/She must have the right mindset with a strong interest in the areas mentioned above
  4. The applicant must have good English language skills
  • Eligible Countries: International
  • Study in: Denmark
  • Number of Scholarships: Not specified

Requirements for the University of Copenhagen Ph.D. Fellowship 2022

  • All interested Applicants must have an MSc degree related to the areas mentioned above with good results and good English language skills.
  • It is also a criterion that emphasis is laid on previous publications (if any), relevant work experience, and the potential of the applicant’s proposed non-binding research project.
  • Candidates are also encouraged to submit a brief non-binding research proposal that demonstrates general interest and ability to formulate a research idea.
  • Please note that the final research topics for applicants are decided upon in dialogue. It is also the Department’s jurisdiction to propose topics relevant to the applicants’ profile, which are better fits for ongoing activities and/or hold greater potential.

The task involved with the PhD Fellowship at University of Copenhagen

  • You will need to complete and pass the MSc education in accordance with the curriculum of the MSc program, this can be done only when you are attending the integrated MSc and PhD program
  • You are expected to Carry through an independent research project under the supervision
  • Then Complete Ph.D. courses corresponding to approx. 30 ECTS / ½ FTE
  • You will need to Participate in active research environments, including a stay at another research institution, preferably abroad
  • You will be engaged in teaching and knowledge dissemination activities
  • You will be required to write scientific papers aimed at high-impact journals
  • You will also be required to write and defend a Ph.D. thesis on the basis of your project

Duration of Program

The time frame depends on your level of education, you can undertake the Ph.D. program as either:

  • 3-year full-time study within the framework of the regular Ph.D. program (5+3 scheme), if you already have an education equivalent to a relevant Danish master’s degree.
  • 5-year full-time study program within the framework of the integrated MSc and PhD program (the 3+5 scheme), if you do not have an education equivalent to a relevant Danish master´s degree

How to Apply for Ph.D. Fellowship at the University of Copenhagen

In applying for this fellowship program, ensure that your application including all attachments must be in English and submitted electronically by clicking the link below:

Documents to include:

  • A Motivated letter of application (max. one page)
  • A well-organized Curriculum vitae
  • Your Original diplomas for Bachelor of Science or Master of Science and transcript of records in the original language, including an authorized English translation if issued in another language than English or Danish.
  • If the above is not completed, a certified/signed copy of a recent transcript of records or a written statement from the institution or supervisor is accepted.
  • A Publication list (if possible)
  • A reference letter (if available)

Note: Once the application is closed, a number of applicants will be selected for academic assessment by an unbiased expert assessor. Subsequently, applicants are notified of the outcome.

Visit the webpage below to read about the recruitment process:

Expect an Invitation for interviews if you’re selected, the interview starts in late June-July 2022. Don’t forget to go through all application requirements before applying.

Wish you the best of luck!



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