USIU Africa Scholarship Program 2022/2023 For Young Africans | Apply Now

USIU Africa Scholarship Program 2022/2023 For Young Africans is now inviting applications from interested candidates that want to apply. Here is an amazing opportunity for anyone who’s seeking to study for free this year, if you’re such a person, then you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for the USIU- Africa Scholarship Program  2022/2023 for Young Africans, offered by Mastercard Foundation.

USIU Africa Scholarship Program 2022/2023 For Young Africans

USIU Africa Scholarship Program 2022/2023 For Young Africans

Every year, Mastercard Foundation offers USIU-Africa Scholarship Program to young Africans, these scholarships will cover the full-cost scholarships to young Africans who are first-time undergraduate degree-seeking applicants.

USIU- Africa Scholarship Program 2022 is happy to announce its partnership with Mastercard Foundation for the scholar’s program. Meanwhile, USIU- Africa is the short form for United States International University-Africa. Upon the completion of their study programs, Young scholars will be required to take front roles in leading and also affect certain changes in their communities,  contributing to well-being transformation across the entire region/continent.

The USIU- Africa Scholarship Program drive targets Young Africans who are academically talented and exceptional and are facing financial, gender, displacement, or disability constraints an opportunity to access world-class university education. In other words, just about anyone from Africa who’s found in such classification can apply for this scholarship and stand a chance of gaining approval for it.

Mastercard Foundation as an organization is in partnership with visionary organizations to bring about the enablement of young people in Africa and in Indigenous communities in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work.

The organization desires to see a world where the young person is considered and included and are thriving in their various endeavors, also, they seek an environment where the opinion and leadership contributions of these Individuals matter. Mastercard foundation’s drive is to ensure a future where young people are driving transformative change and achieving their full potential.

In the organization’s operations, they bring together the private sector, donors, young people, and civil society for effective creation of and infrastructures, supportive policies, and an environment where young people can find work, become entrepreneurs, establish small enterprises, succeed and grow. Thus, a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn

The foundation believes that every person regardless of their starting point in life, should have an equal chance to succeed and that with access to education, financial services, and skills training, people can have that chance.

Benefits and Goals of USIU- Africa Scholarship Program

USIU- Africa Scholarship Program by Mastercard Foundation offers Young African Scholars full support, this supports includes the following;

  • The Tuition and other functional fees
  • Brand New Laptops, books, and other learning materials
  • Very good accommodation and meals
  • Coverage for Medical insurance
  • Stipends that covers Transport to and from home, Access to leadership training, and Access to entrepreneurial training
  • There is also Psycho-social support, career counseling, and mentorship;
  • The needs of those with disabilities will be well catered for.

The Requirements for USIU- Africa Scholarship Program Qualification

The eligibility criteria that an individual must meet to stand a chance of being approved for this scholarship are stated below;

  • The scholarship is limited to youth not exceeding 29 years old in the following categories:
  1. Young women
  2. Young men
  3. Refugees and displaced youth
  4. Youth with disabilities
  • Young Scholars must demonstrate the following qualities:

Academic talent: The Scholars must be seen to uphold high value in learning and have a personal motivation to complete their education. Additionally, they must meet the university admissions requirement as per the Kenya Commission for University Education or its equivalent.

Commitment to giving back: it is expected that applicants demonstrate a commitment to improving their communities through previous and/or past engagements with community outreach activities.

Leadership potential: Scholars must also demonstrate a strong commitment to becoming change makers, role models, and mentors who embrace ethical leadership.

  1. Applied Computer Technology,
  2. Information Systems and Technology;
  3. Pharmacy, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics;
  4. Animation, Film Production and Directing;
  5. Finance, International Business Administration, Accounting;
  6. International Relations and Psychology

Documents for Application

A well-arranged and completed application should include the following:

  • An application letter stating the following:
  1. Personal Background including family financial position.
  2. Why did you choose USIU-Africa?
  3. Where do you see yourself after graduation?
  • Your Copies of academic documents (Final High school certificates);
  • Letter of Recommendation from your high school teacher, headteacher, or sponsoring organization with official, stamped and signed.
  • A recent Passport size photograph;
  • Your Birth certificate, National ID Card Passport or refugee travel document
  • Refugee identity document (where applicable).
  • Disability registration document/card (where applicable)

How to Apply For USIU- Africa Scholarship Program

In applying for this scholarship, Interested applicants can download the application form from or pick the forms from the Admissions Office. The admission office is located in the Main Administration building at USIU-Africa. You can also submit the completed application form via email, make sure to  scan the scholarship application form and have it in PDF format, then send it with your name as the email subject to: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can drop your application at the Mastercard Foundation Office:

On the second floor, Old School of Humanities & Social Sciences Building, USIU-Africa,


Post your application to:
The Program Director,
Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program,
United States International University – Africa.

To get more details, please visit the official scholarship website via this link.


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