Here are 5 WAYS TO START PLANNING YOUR 2022 BUSINESS GOALS. Whoever fails to plan plans to fail goes the popular adage. Planning may seem very scary because of the pandemic and the uncertainty that surrounds the climate.


But, hey, it is better to have a plan in hand that can always be tweaked and amended than not planning at all. Start your 2022 on the right foot by adopting these simple tips for planning your business this year.


Here are simple ways you can start planning for 2022.

Evaluate your 2021 Goals

We all made business plans and set life goals for the year 2021. Did you achieve all of those goals Or almost got there? Or you didn’t even hit your year target at all?

Whatever your answer is, sit down with your team and review how far you got. Use the SWOT Analysis to address some questions like:

What did you do right? And what can you improve on? Were your goals clear enough and realistic? What worked? What is working? What is not working? What will make us different?

What do customers like about us? What/who could hinder our growth?

This analysis shouldn’t only focus on your business alone, but can also be on your personal life. Draw up two categories.

Analyze all these and create a strategy on areas you can do better in 2022. Data insights are very important to plan for the future, so start keeping data in 2022 if you didn’t do something in 2021.

Conduct a Market Research

Change is one thing that is constant in every sector in our fast-paced dynamic world of today.

It is very necessary to always research trends to know what has changed, what is changing, what may change, and how that will affect your business goals, marketing plans, and how you operate.

What about your consumers’ behavior? Are your target audience still the same or their habits and expectations have changed? Or will it change?

And what about your competitors? What are they doing right? What channels are they using to reach their audience? It is very important that you research and gather this data. It will help you know the area to focus on without making assumptions.

Outline your Business Goals for 2022

Now that you have evaluated your past goals and results for the year, and you have also gathered data about your industry and competitors, it is time to set up ” new” goals for the new year.

Ark yourself with the SMART strategy when doing this. Ensure that the goals you set are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

For example, your goal can be written this form:

“I will increase revenue by 15% in the first quarter by obtaining 5 investments from 5 top-rated companies in the logistics industry.”

Clearly defining your goals will put your business in the right direction. Carefully select your marketing approach and customer service strategy to suit your goals.

Highlight the steps you will take to Achieve your Goals

List out the actionable steps you’ll deploy in achieving the plans you’ve made and make sure they are specific enough.

This part focuses on the HOW.

The fact is that things change quickly in our world, so don’t beat yourself up if the next minute there’s a need to take a different approach.

Define your Budget

It is important to spend your money on the right places/things that will improve your business. You’d want to minimize operation costs and also avoid unsolicited loss of revenue and avoid unnecessarily.

How you can do that is by setting the budget for things you’ve researched and you know would be a big boost to your growth in the new year.

How much are you dedicating to paid adverts? How much are you dedicating to the software that will ease your work process?


Now, that you have gotten your business plan up and ready, it’s time to involve other team players for review and make their own input. Further research can be done on Google.


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