Apply Now for Immerse Education Essay Competition 2024

The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers students between the ages of 13 and 18 the chance to submit essays on a topic of their interest. Participants can choose from a range of over twenty questions, all of which can be found in our comprehensive Essay Competition Guide.

Immerse Education Essay Competition

Immerse Education Essay Competition 2024

Ten winners will be awarded a full scholarship, covering 100% of the expenses, to study at a prestigious university of their choice. Exceptional runners-up will also receive partial scholarships as recognition for their outstanding submissions.

Participation in the competition provides the following advantages:

  • Funded Scholarship for Study Abroad: Our essay contest gives students like you the opportunity to win a full or partial scholarship for one of our residential or online programs in locations such as London, Oxford, Sydney, Cambridge, and others.
  • Ongoing Support from Immerse During Your Writing: Our team provides complete assistance as you write your essay, with free guides, and valuable tips to guide you throughout the process. You can access our complete Essay Competition Guide and receive free tips and tricks as you write. Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more useful essay-writing tips.
  • Showcase Your Knowledge: The competition is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise by answering university-style questions.
  • Enhance Your Skills and Knowledge: An opportunity to apply and enrich your essay writing abilities, allowing you to learn new things in the process.
  • Develop Self-Discipline: An opportunity to develop and strengthen your self-discipline as you commit to a challenging project and see it through to completion.


  • 1st Place: Ten winners will be granted a full scholarship for their studies.
  • Runners Up: Participants who are selected as runners-up will receive partial scholarships ranging up to 50% to pursue their chosen subject with Immerse. The number of runners-up will depend on the number of entries received and the quality of the submissions. Other participants who did not become runners-up may also receive partial scholarships worth up to 20%.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Immerse Education Essay Competition welcomes students from all over the world, irrespective of their nationality.
  • Participants should be between the ages of 13 and 18 during their selected program.
  • Individuals with diverse interests in subjects ranging from Architecture to Medicine and Creative Writing to Film Studies are encouraged to participate.

Application process

Participation in the essay competition does not require an entry fee, and you do not need to be currently enrolled in any of their programs.

To kick straight your  application, click here 

You can Register here to receive free Essay Competition guidance.

For further details please visit the official website of Immerse Education Essay Competition.

Application Deadline

September 12, 2024.

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