How to Unblock an Amazon Fire Tablet

In this article, I would be giving you details on how to unblock an Amazon Fire tablet. Also, we would be explaining the different lock screen options of an Amazon Fire table and how to set them.

How to Unblock an Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablet so happens to be among some of the most popular tablets on Amazon right now, and not without reason. They are affordable, they pack quite some amazing features, and come with Alexa as a voice assistant.

But as popular as they are, here I would be stating some issues that you might face if you accidentally forget your password or pin. And if there is data that you do not want to lose on the tablet, how to unlock your fire without having to reset it would be highlighted in this content also.

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How Do I unlock Amazon Fire Tablet?

If you happen to be stuck or locked out of your Amazon Fire tablet, here I would be providing solutions for you. The first step is to tap on the Unlock Device from the “manage your content and Device section of your Amazon account settings.

A lot of new Amazon Fire tablets are now supporting Unlocking via this method, but if you are yet to register your kindle fire tablet on Amazon, you would be required to factory reset your device for you to be able to make use of it again.

How to Factory Reset your Amazon Fire

There are two major steps involved in factory resetting your Amazon Fire. The first method involves a soft reset, and the other is a hard reset. The soft reset can be used when you notice your device glitching or slowing down, or you notice some software bugs while operating the Amazon Fire tablet. The hard reset would be more useful when you find yourself operating the Amazon Fire tablet.

The hard reset has proven to become more useful when you discover that you are entirely locked out of your tablet, or maybe if your screen stops responding for some kind of reason.

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How to Reset a Lock Screen PIN or Password on an Amazon Fire Tablet

If you have forgotten the password or PIN you make use of for your tablet, you still get the chance to access your device by completing the steps stated below:

  • Once you are at the lock screen, enter the wrong password or PIN about five times
  • Once you are done, select reset your PIN or Reset your Password
  • Enter your Amazon account password and then tap on the “Continue” icon
  • Choose a new PIN or Password and finally select “finish”.

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How do I Unlock an Amazon Fire Tablet with a Password?

You would be required to provide a Password or PIN in other for you to get your Amazon tablet if those options are set. To turn them off so that you do not need to make use of them in the future, head to settings > Security and Privacy and then turn off the toggle next in other to lock Screen and Passcode. You would need to enter your existing password or PIN to disable the feature.

How do I Reset an Amazon Fire Tablet?

You can also choose to reset the newer Amazon Fire tablet by going to Settings > Device Options > Reset to Factory Default > Reset. If you cannot find these options, head over to the settings gear > More > Device > Reset to Factory Default > Erase everything.

Can an Amazon Fire Tablet be Blocked?

If you misplace your Fire tablet or your Fire phone gets stolen, you can make use of a variety of features on your device. Things you can do includes locate the device, activate the alarm, deregister, lock or factory reset remotely via the manage your content and devices features.

How Do I Unblock my Amazon Kindle Fire?

To do this, your device must be connected to the internet to reset your lock screen password or PIN. Right from the lock screen on your Fire tablet, enter the wrong password or PIN five times. Select reset your PIN from the on-screen notification. Then enter your Amazon account password, then tap on continue.

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