How to Revert an Old Android Update – What’s APK Downgrade?

Do you want to undo the software update on your android device? If you do this article is just for you. It contains details on How to Revert an Old Android Update. It all depends on the specific device and android version.

How to Revert an Old Android Update
How to Revert an Old Android Update

You can be able to downgrade to any older software version using a built-in recovery mode, or you can use a custom recovery mode. It’s best to keep devices updated. Unfortunately, the-air updates can sometimes break software. And also change features in unwanted ways. asking questions on how to revert an android update don’t stop reading this article.

How to Revert an Old Android Update

Sometimes upgrading could break your phone or even introduce bugs to your device. In this kind of case, you might want to revert update to avoid any inconvenience. Downgrading your device isn’t an easy task and is not supported by manufacturers.

This could possibly brick your device and void your warranty. Android downgrading can wipe out current data stored in your device. So it’s advisable to back up your data to google drive. for more information on older versions of android apps keep on reading.

How to Downgrade Software Updates on Android

Downgrading totally depends on the device you are using. But there are easy steps to downgrade your phone.

Enable USB Debugging

To enable USB debugging, all you have to do is to turn on developer options by going to settings. Then you find the about phone section. You should enter the phone section and tap the build number until you get a message that says you are now a developer.

Finally, you go to the developer option and enable USB debugging. This option gives you smooth access to your phone to install any desired version without any stress.

Connect your Phone to your Computer

When you connect to your computer, navigate to the location where platform tools are saved, and put on the factory image you downloaded there.

Now while still in platform tools hold shift, right-click inside the window, and then select open PowerShell window there.

In this PowerShell window that you’ve opened type ADB device and check if your phone is being detected. Finally, when you are done with these you type this command: ADB reboot bootloader.

Unlock the Bootloader

You can now unlock your phone’s bootloader if you’ve successfully put your device in fast mode. You have now gotten to the crucial step. Because without you unlocking the bootloader, you can’t install the previous version of the android device. After these, you would see a confirmation on your device that the bootloader is now unlocked.

Install the Older Version of the Android

After all these steps, your phone should start rebooting, if you followed the steps appropriately, your phone should be running a downgraded version of android.

How to Undo the Android 11 Update

Before resetting your android, you should ensure you back up all your important data.  These are the following steps:

Download and Install the Android SDK Platform-tools Package

In order to do this, you would have to use Android Debug Bridge to downgrade your current Android device to an older one. You should also install the unzipped platform-tools on your desktop for quick access. for more information on how to get an old version of the app keeps on reading.

Enable USB Debugging

You should ensure that the developer option is enabled on your phone. You can do so by going to your device setting, and tapping the build number until a confirmation message shows that you’ve been enabled. Now when you’ve received your confirmation message, you tap allow USB debugging.

Download the Factory Image for your Device

For further progress, you would need the current factory image of your device. This is essentially necessary for your smartphone to downgrade.

Boot into the Device Bootloader

The simplest way to boot into your bootloader is to connect your device to your windows pc and open platform tools. Then you type CMD into your file manager search bar. Now enter the following command ADB reboot bootloader. Using the volume button, you can now scroll to select enter the fast boot.

Unlock the Bootloader

You can’t reboot a factory image and downgrade your Android version using the simpler ADB sideloading. So, unlocking the bootloader is necessary for the flashing process. When using the command line, enter FastBoot flashing unlock.

You would get a message on your warning display that unlocking the bootloader may cause device instability. Also using the volume buttons, choose to unlock the bootloader and confirm. You can skip the device process and enable USB debugging for the next step. Once you are done you enter ADB reboot bootloader.

Enter the Flash Command

With all your files extracted into the platform tools. You can now run this command: Flash all. Then the downgrading process would begin. You would get a completion message. Hope this article was able to give you an easy guide on how to downgrade the android version.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Uninstall a Software Update?

Find the settings on your device and tap on them. Then you find apps and notifications and see all apps. When you are done with that, you find the software update and tap. Then finally you tap storage and cache to clear storage.

How do I change my Android Version?

To change the android version, you open settings on your phone, and near the bottom tap system update. After this process, your update status will show, and then finally follow the steps on your screen.

How can I Change the Operating System on a Phone?

When changing the operating system, ensure your mobile phone is at least 50%. And also note that installing a new operating system would automatically delete all current programs and saved data in your phone.

How can I Undo the Android 12 Update?

You would need to use Android Debug Bridge to downgrade your device. You can also install unzipped platform-tools on your desktop for quick access.

What’s the Meaning of Bloatware?

Bloatware is unwanted pre-installed software on a computer. Is a program that consumes a lot of space and memory. It serves primarily as a revenue stream for manufacturers and distributors.

What’s APK Downgrade?

This is a method that allows users to downgrade applications on any android device. This easy trick provides extraction of data from applications that don’t have the possibility of backing up their data.



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