How to Create Folder in File Manager

Are you interested in How to Create a Folder in File Manager? If you are this article is just perfect for you. There are a lot of features to help you keep your items organized on your phone.

How to Create Folder in File Manager
How to Create Folder in File Manager

If you want your documents, videos, photos, and audio, to be saved to a central location. All you have to do is to follow the steps listed. For more information on how to create a new folder in the file manager keep on reading.

How to Create Folder in File Manager

A file manager is a program that provides a user interface that manages files and folders. A file manager helps you to organize, store and transfer files on your mobile phone. This app is good at freeing up storage on your mobile device and securing important files. For more information on files with folders keep on reading.

How to Create Folder in File Manager on Android

Do you want to create folders in your phone, to keep your apps and files organized? Android gives several features that can create folders. Here’s a step-to-step guide on how to create it.

  • First, open the google drive app on your phone
  • Second, at the bottom tap add
  • Third, tap and name the folder
  • Fourth, create the folder

After following these steps, you can successfully create a folder.

 How to Create Folder in File Manager in IOS

Creating a folder on an IOS device is quite a tricky task. Your iPhone could be filled with dozens of apps. Which makes it difficult to find a particular one. Fortunately, there are easy steps to create folders for your IOS device and easy identification.

Files apps for IOS device provides access to every file or folder. If you want to organize your IOS device in a better way for easy access keep on reading. Here are the steps to create a folder for your IOS device:

  • First, you download the documents for free and open the app
  • Second, you tap the purple plus button at the bottom
  • Lastly, after doing this you can now create your folder

All these steps are quite easy if you follow the steps rightly, after doing this you can now have your files organized.

How to Create Folder in File Manager on Laptop

Do the files on your laptop need good organization? If you group similar files into different folders on your laptop. It would be a lot easier to find what you need. There are simple steps to create a folder on your laptop.

  • First step: double right-click a blank spot on your laptop
  • Second step: after right-clicking, you move your cursor to the New in the menu and pick Folder from the pop-out.
  • Third step: when you see the new folder appear, you automatically select
  • Fourth step: after selecting the folder, create your name
  • Lastly, after doing all this, your folder is ready for use

You can also create a folder from file explorer, you select desktop on the left and pick a new folder from the home tab. After doing this use the keyboard Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new folder. After doing all these, you can have all your files organized.

How to Add Files to a Folder

There are simple ways to understand how to add files to a folder in google drive. Below are easy steps to consider when adding files to a folder:

  • Locate your “google drive” app on your device.
  • Click on the “+” button at the bottom right of the page.
  • Enter the “folder” button and type in your name or the folder name you want to use.
  • Then, tap on the “create” button below.
  • When that is done, click on the “new folder” you have created.
  • Tap on the “+” button at the bottom right and click on the “upload” button.
  • Then, pick the files you want to add to the file and allow it to load.

Follow the above carefully to get the job done.

How to Add Items to Multiple Folders

Here are simple steps to adding items to multiple folders:

  • First, go to google
  • Second, you click on the item you want to move
  • Third, on your keyboard, you press Shift + z
  • Fourth, you choose the folder you want
  • Lastly, you click add here

All these well-defined steps would help you add files to a folder.

Benefits of Creating a Folder and File Management

A folder holds important documents and information together. There are a lot of benefits to creating a folder. You may need a folder because of the load of work you have on your laptop or phone. Folders keep your files organized and arranged. Folders allow you have more than one file with the same name in the same place.

The folders keep files organized and separate. They are used to store and separate files owned by different users. While the main purpose of a file manager is to help users create new files on a device and organize files for easy classification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung Have a File Manager?

Samsung device has a file manager, that helps people access and manage files like documents, pictures, videos, audio, and downloads. You can move files to a cloud service if the device does not have enough internal memory.

Is File Manager a Good App?

These apps are the important apps on the device. With these apps you can browse your files, you also find your downloads, also manage your storage space.

Where do I Store Important Documents on my Phone?

The best place to store documents on your phone is Google Play Store. this app is an interface that allows you to store and encrypt data. If you have a document with any important information or credit card numbers or pins. You can easily put all these files in your google play store.

What are the Best File Managers for Windows?

Looking for the best file manager apps for better organization and arrangement on your windows? Some apps are good for your windows like XYplorer, free commander, Directory Opus, and Total Commander.

Can I Use Storage Manager?

Using a storage manager can manage files on your smartphone, remove bloatware, and more. The built-in tools do the trick. You should always make sure to back up your files, in case you accidentally delete something important.

What’s a Secure Transfer?

A secure file transfer is a data-sharing method that uses secure protocols and encryption to safeguard data in transit.



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