How to Fix Instagram’s Irritating Video Quality Issue

How to fix Instagram’s irritating video quality issue. Are your Instagram videos looking a bit blurry or pixelated? If your answer is yes then this may be the reason for it. Well, this post does not just give you the reason for that, but it also provides you with a solution. And in a bid to get the answers you want, you need to continue reading.

How to Fix Instagram’s Irritating Video Quality Issue

How to Fix Instagram’s Irritating Video Quality Issue

The settings of Instagram do not let users upload the highest quality videos by default unless the event that you are connected to a very strong Wi-Fi network.  And many Instagram users usually post videos to their Instagram stories when they are out and about without taking into account their internet connection.

This is the reason why your videos sometimes look blurry, pixelated, and even of poor quality. The social media platform throttles the quality of your videos on purpose so that you still upload videos quickly under bad network conditions. But there is, however, a way to go around this and stop it from happening. In this post, you will be shown the settings you can enable so that your Instagram video gets to be posted in higher quality regardless of your internet connection.

Steps to Enable High-Quality Video Uploads On Instagram

To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Launch the Instagram application on your android or iPhone device.
  • Go to your Instagram profile which you can access by tapping on your profile icon.
  • Tap on the three-dash menu in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Go to settings and then account.
  • Tap on either data usage on iOS or cellular data use on Android.
  • Lastly, toggle on the upload at the highest quality option.

That’s it.

And now, when you are in cellular data, your videos will be uploaded at the highest quality, no matter how your connection is. The worse your connection is, the longer the upload will take. And with that being said, you will need to be patient, especially in the event that you are posting a long video on the platform.


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