How to Create an Offer from Your Facebook Page

How to create an offer from your Facebook page – Do you know that you can easily create an offer from your page on Facebook? Yes, this is true and many page owners and admins on Facebook are doing this already.

How to Create an Offer from Your Facebook Page

What then are you waiting for? Read the content of his post from start to finish learning how you too can start creating offers from your Facebook page for free.

How to Create an Offer from Your Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms out there in the world today. This social media platform is visited by over two billion people every day. And on this platform, you can easily keep up with your old customers and at the same time get new clients and customers in the process.

The Facebook page feature on the social media platform is one of the best business tools on Facebook. And if you have one, then you should agree with me on this one.

With your Facebook page, you can easily create and share discounts and deals with your customers by creating an offer. People that like your page on Facebook can redeem these offers online or in-store depending on the place that you make the offer available.

What You Need To Create an Offer on Facebook

All you need to create an offer on Facebook is a Facebook page. It is either you own a page on Facebook or you are an admin of a page on the platform. It is that simple and easy. If you do not have a business page on the platform now for your business, you should do well to create one now for free.

Steps to Creating an Offer from Your Page on Facebook

Now that you already know what you need in creating an offer on the social media platform, it is time to direct you on how to create offers right from your Facebook page. To create an offer from your Facebook page for free, follow the steps below;


  • Go to Facebook and click on the pages option in the left menu from your newsfeed.
  • Next, go to your page and click on the offer button next to create.
  • Click on create offer and describe your offer type. You can also edit the expiry date for your offer if you would like it to run longer or shorter than a week.
  • You will need to add a photo and then select whether it can be used by people in-store or online. You can also add a promo code or terms and conditions which is optional.
  • Lastly, click on publish.

That’s it! you can only create an offer from your Facebook page on a computer. Therefore when you are ready to start with the creation process of an offer on Facebook, have a computer device nearby.


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