How Brands Can Appear Native to Their Customer in Social Media Channels

Are you wondering, How Brands Can Appear Native to Their Customer in Social Media Channels? Before we discuss how brands can appear native to their customer in social medical channels, let’s see what Native Advertisement is.

How Brands Can Appear Native to Their Customer in Social Media Channels

How Brands Can Appear Native to Their Customer in Social Media Channels – What is Native Advertisement?

Native advertising is a kind of social media poster that matches the style and format of an organic post. It also uses paid ads that match, feel, and function the media format in which they appear. They are often found in social media channels, or as recommended content on your page.

Native advertising is an extension of content marketing and provides marketers with a platform to place content in front of a wider audience they wouldn’t ordinarily reach.

The Native ads help customers in social media channels to market their products. The native ad involves paying for advertising placement, in order to gain access to a wider relationship.

Why Native Advertisement Work on social media

Native ad work on social because their main achievement is to be present where their target group is hanging out. Native ads take advantage of an existing audience by publishing content on an established platform. those which are on social media groups and pages on Facebook and popular Channels on Instagram and Twitter.

Why Choose Native Advertising

There are many ways to market’s product to a customer in social media channels but Native ads are among the rich in quality that provides readers with valuable information they want to know. The true fact is that your content is relevant to the audience of the website you intend to publish on.

Keep in mind that website owners have the right to refuse content if it is not relevant, or if the quality is substandard. The following are Native ads:

Our main focus is how brands can appear native to costumer on social media channels. One of the main goals of native advertising is to be present where your target group is hanging out

How to use Native advertising to their customer on Social Media Channels

To use Native ads for social medial channels will be confusing due to the different ways of creating and presenting ads, and the types of content differ in both form and function.

On this page, we are going to see how brands appear native to their customer on social media. Not all social media ads are native advertising, it is content and the way it is present that makes native an ad. When the ad promotes content, not an account or an offer, and it blends in with the surrounding content, it is considered native advertising.

Because social media is being used to such a great degree today, your native ads could find a lot of success through social channels.

Influencer Campaigns

Collaborating with an influence is one of the effective ways of reaching a specific audience. Influencers are set apart from media due to typically having a very strong connection with their audience and the audience is usually very engaged.

That is if your content is more likely to be noticed when presented through an influencer than in a group or as a social ad.

You can see any social platform on influencers, like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook might be some of the more prevalent ones. Many influencers have their own blog website besides the social platforms.


Influencers are nice ways to use Instagram to reach a specific audience, but the social media platform has a more way for you to use native ads. Like sponsored photos and videos.

Sponsored photo and videos on Instagram are basically ads that look and feels everything else on Instagram except for the label Sponsored which replaces the time stamp. Instagram sponsored ad is a way targeted users already know and enjoy and the basic format of an Instagram post is retained.

They are chosen based on their activity on Instagram. The information gathered is used to determine users’ interests and if they are relevant to your brands, they will see your ad.

Facebook Sponsored Post

The Facebook sponsored post will make your followers see your content when you pay. This means that you will only reach those people who already like your page.

It is very necessary for your followers to see your content, it might seem effective but that is the truth. The reason is that it’s quite easy for your followers to miss a post if they aren’t logged in when the post is active in the news feed.

Your content can be ranked on Facebook according to individual feed, and so, pages on Facebook only reach 16% of their followers on average, and this goes for all pages.

Sponsored post on Facebook is a post that you pay for to show up in your follower’s news feed the next time they are active.


Promoted tweets on Twitter can assist you to enlarge the spread of your content, by giving your best content to your followers as well as people who are not following you yet.

If you are creating your promoted tweet, you can choose a current tweet to promote or generate a new one with a specific, promotional purpose in mind. Again, the tweet looks like a normal tweet except for the ‘Promoted’ tag, and you can use it to drive traffic and leads as well as offer deals or promote sales.

You can use the promoted tweet in whatever form that makes sense to you, but if it is a part of a native ad campaign, remember to promote content instead of offers, deals, or discounts.

LinkedIn sponsored updates

With sponsored updates on LinkedIn, your company can easily promote any post to the target audience’s news feed. The sponsored update is a way to expand your reach and connect with new followers.

The update itself looks just like a regular one except for the Sponsored tag and it is a great way to promote your content to an audience of those on social media.


You can see that native advertisement is really a nice way for the customer to market their goods on social media channels in a different way.


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