How to Configure an Echo Show to Display Minimal Clutter

This guide is for anyone who stashed their Alexa smart display in a drawer because they grew tired of all the ads promoting Amazon’s services.

How to Configure an Echo Show to Display Minimal Clutter
How to Configure an Echo Show to Display Minimal Clutter

Amazon’s Echo Show smart displays are excellent devices. They cost between $90 and $250 (often much cheaper during Amazon’s frequent sales) and provide you with a smart speaker featuring a touchscreen. They can play music, display photos, initiate video calls with friends and family, serve as a security camera, function as a Bluetooth speaker, and manage your smart locks, lights, and security cameras.

How to Configure an Echo Show to Display Minimal Clutter

Nevertheless, there’s an important point to consider: Amazon’s hardware receives substantial financial support from its services. When you purchase an Echo Show, you essentially introduce a small advertising platform for Amazon’s services into your home. If you use it without modification, you’ll encounter an abundance of pre-installed software urging you to use Amazon’s services, which might make you want to disconnect it and conceal it in a drawer.

Purchasing an Echo Show Means You’re Introducing a Small Advertising Platform for Amazon’s Services Into Your Home

Don’t hesitate! Echo Shows are handy devices (check out our reviews for more information), and it’s simple to remove all the unnecessary software and configure a Show to display beautiful images without Amazon advertisements. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate how to make your show less bothersome.

Please note: Currently, there isn’t an easy method to disable the occasional “By the way…” voice responses from Alexa, which are often intended to promote additional services. However, I’ve heard from reliable sources that if you express your frustration with it when this happens, it will occur less frequently.

How to Eliminate Amazon Spam From Your Echo Show

  • On your Echo Show, swipe down from the top.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Home Content.
  • Scroll down and toggle off every single option you see. (The last time I did this, I counted almost 50 options.)
  • Tip: You can opt to keep one or two that you believe will be useful, such as tracking your Amazon deliveries or viewing your upcoming calendar appointments. However, the more you retain, the fewer photos you’ll see.
  • Toggle off Rotate continuously

Next, configure your Show to exclusively showcase photos. You can review my comprehensive guide on transforming your Show into a digital photo frame, or here’s a concise version:

  • Swipe down from the top of the display.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Clock & Photo Display.
  • Tap Amazon Photos.
  • Select from any albums you have stored in Amazon Photos, tap Daily Memories for a curated selection, or upload photos from your phone.
  • If personal photos aren’t your preference, Amazon offers a variety of Nature, Travel, Art, and Seasonal choices.
  • After selecting your Photo Display option, you will only see beautiful pictures on your Show, and nothing more.

You can easily adjust these photo settings directly within the Alexa app whenever you like. Simply open the app, go to Echo & Alexa devices, pick your device from the list, tap on Settings, and scroll down to Photo Display.

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