How to Adjust Keyboard Brightness on a MacBook Air

In this content, I would be explaining details on how to adjust Keyboard brightness on a MacBook Air, which includes instructions for both intel and Apple Silicon models. The process is not so complicated, but in case you are new to the system, and are curious about how to do it, then this guide should prove useful to you.

How to Adjust Keyboard Brightness on a MacBook Air

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How to Adjust Keyboard Brightness on a MacBook Air

MacBook air Usually carries an adjustable keyboard backlight, but the method you would be making use of depends on which model you carry. If your MacBook Air pre-dates the introduction of Apple Silicon, it carries some dedicated keys that would increase and decrease the brightness of the keyboard. The macBook that was released after that does not carry any dedicated keys, but you still get to adjust the brightness by making use of the control center.

If at the moment you are not sure which MacBook version you are making use of, then you can choose to just check it up on the top row of keys on your keyboard. If your F5 and F6 keys carry light icons on them, then you would have an intel MacBook and you can just adjust the brightness with those keys. If those keys have different icons, then skip to the next section for instructions.

If you want to Decrease the Keyboard brightness on an Intel MacBook Air, then push the F5. To decrease the keyboard brightness, Press F6.

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How to Change Keyboard Brightness on an Apple Silicon MacBook Air

The Apple Silicon MacBook Air still carries a row of function keys, but Apple did not dedicate any of them to adjusting the keyboard brightness. You can choose to make some adjustments to the brightness using the control center. Below are the steps you need to follow to manage your Brightness on your Mac Device.

  • First click on the Control Center, which is basically located close to the right side of the top Menu bar
  • Click on Keyboard Brightness
  • Then click the slider, and drag it to the left or right to increase or decrease the brightness.

Adding the Brightness Button to Control Center

The keyboard brightness button might not show up in your control center depending on the type of options that pops up there. If it is available, it might be one of the biggest buttons that include both the text and an icon, or, it may be a smaller button located a the bottom of the control center that carries an icon.

If you cannot find the keyboard brightness button on the control center at all, you can choose to add it. Also, you can add this button directly to your menu bar for much easier access if you find that you have adjusted your keyboard brightness a lot.

Here I would be giving you details on how to add the Keyboard button to the control center or the Menu bar:

  • First, click on the “Apple” icon and then select “System Settings”
  • Click on the “control center”
  • Click the “show in control center” toggle in other to place the keyboard brightness button in the control center, or the “Show in Menu Bar” toggle to put it on the menu Bar.
  • Then click on the red button located in the upper right corner of the control center close to the window. The keyboard brightness would now pop up close to the location or locations that you have selected.

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Why is my MacBook failing to allow me to adjust my Keyboard brightness?

If your MacBook is not giving you the options you need to adjust your Keyboard brightness, the reason is likely that the ambient light sensor blocks keyboard lighting to save on battery power. You can choose to address this by opening the “Apple Menu”, then selecting “System Preferences” > Displays > Display Settings, and changing the “Automatically Adjust brightness” or “Ambient light compensation” Settings

Can I Adjust my Mac’s Keyboard Backlighting?

Yes, you can fully adjust your keyboard brightness on your Mac with an on-screen slider.

Do Macs Have a Keyboard Brightness Control Key?

The much older Mac features backlight control keys in the function row. All the current Macs and Mac keyboards replace all those keys with a spotlight search key and a dictation button.

Is the MacBook Air a Good Laptop?

MacBook Air is good quality laptop. It carries an efficient keyboard, a good trackpad, and a wonderful design.

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