Blizzard Removes Some Heroes from Overwatch 2 As Bugs Crop Up

Blizzard Removes Some Heroes from Overwatch 2 As Bugs Crop Up which is not great for some players. It seems As if “Overwatch 2” would be getting a rough start. Along with a highly successful “overwatch,” the game was launched on the 4th of October 2022, with tons of intention and chance to bring back the interest in Activision Blizzard’s First-person Shooter.

Blizzard Removes Some Heroes from Overwatch 2 As Bugs Crop Up

However, as is often the case with new titles, the game is not exactly perfect right off the bat. As a matter of fact, some of the bugs are quite bad enough that Blizzard was forced to make a pretty controversial decision and take out two heroes from the game entirely.

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Blizzard Removes Some Heroes from Overwatch 2 As Bugs Crop Up

The bugs have shown that they are not the only thing that has gone according to Activision Blizzard’s Plan “overwatch 2” was expected to launch in November 2021, but right after some delays it finally hit almost a year later. You would think that an extra year would give the game studio tons of time to clear up all the bugs, but unfortunately, this week has been less than smooth.

A lot of players reported issues with server stability, disconnections, and SMS authentication. The company’s community managers have been keeping the player based posted on twitter, sharing frequent updates on the game status and the bugs that are getting fixed.

When it comes to bugs, there have been plenty. Console players have reported issues with seeing the items that they purchased, matchmaking was quite a bit in a rough state, and many people reported random client crashes. Not all of these issues have been resolved so far. In other to fix the various bugs related to hero abilities, Blizzard has made a big move and cut them right out of the game entirely.

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Blizzard Would Return the Heroes

The two heroes in question include Bastion and Torbjorn. They were taken out mainly because of their ultimate abilities and the fact that they were bugged beyond what can possibly be acceptable, making the two characters game-breakingly overpowered. While it seems undoubtedly fun for the person who was playing the character, the two people facing this battle certainly did not love the fact that Bastion and Torbjorn were pretty much impossible to take down.

Out of these two, it looks like Bastion was the one with a particularly unfair advantage. The hero was able to summon an insane number of artilleries strikes that were directed at its enemies: instead of attacking as intended, gamers were able to mash Bastion’s ultimate ability during the time windows that were allocated to it, and every time, they would be attacking the opponent. Obviously, that was not the intention of Blizzard, so Bastion is at the moment gone from the game entirely.

Torbjorn on Quick Play Mode

Torbjorn, on the other hand, can still be playable in the Quick Play mode, proving that the bug that affects this hero is not that serious. Torbjorn’s Overload is able to last twice as long if you choose to press the ability at just the right time, But ever since Blizzard kept Torbjorn in “overwatch 2,” it’s probably difficult enough to time that button press, and this means that the bug doesn’t affect quite as many players.

Activision Blizzard acknowledged the situation that is on the official “overwatch” Twitter account, promising that they would return the two heroes soon enough. If you were hoping to play as one of them, sit tight; unfortunately, they would not be nearly as powerful once they are all fixed.

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Why is Bastion Removed from Overwatch 2?

Just like Torbjorn has a problem that was noticeable in his ability kit that required some fixing also. Bastion and Torbjorn being removed from Overwatch 2 indicates the lack of polish that reflects the Blizzard teams for the second title of their flagship franchise.

Who Got Removed From Overwatch 2?

Bastion and Torbjorn have been removed temporarily from overwatch 2. This was because of a glitch in the two characters.

Is Junker Queen Related to Junkrat?

The junker queen is one of Overwatch 2’s brand new characters, and being the leader of junkertown, she’s related to junkrate and Roadhog, two of the series’ most iconic heroes. Over the years, the junker queen has ruled over junkertown, which is an impressively huge scrapyard that is located in the Australian Outback.

Is Sojourn a Robot?

The arms and legs of Sojourn are cybernetic. Her left arm can transform into a disruptor cannon, and her legs are equipped with boosters that allow her to slide across the ground. At some point, she got a cybernetic brain upgrade.

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