Schooled – An Ndani TV Original

A new and interesting web series created by Ndani TV series was recently released titled, and trust me when a Say this series is something that you would not want to miss and it is amazing to watch.


Schooled just as the name goes is a Nigerian high school series that is wrapped around the life of a street kid named Ayo who has suspiciously been offered admission into a prestigious high-brow school and is drawn into the investigation of unusual events. Before we proceed with the more, it is best you know that there are spoilers ahead.

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Schooled Official Trailer

The trailer of Schooled kicked off with an elderly person telling Ayo (the main character) that he would not make the list and be admitted because he believed the school was not meant for someone like him.

The next scene shows the principal of the school (Principal savage) addressing the school (Saint Patrick’s college). The trailer also entails Ayo meeting some other students and introducing himself. The trailer also carries some other scenes that you would want to see. Click here to watch the Trailer.

Where to Watch Schooled

The new Nigerian Tv Series Schooled has only recently started releasing the series. And the best place to watch the movie now is Youtube. Youtube is a free platform so there is no attached fee to watching the movie. All new episodes are completed and released on YouTube by Ndani Tv, so the movie source is the right one.

Schooled Episodes

Episode 1

The first episode of the Movie Shows Ayo making new friends and Enemies as he dubiously gains a scholarship into a high-brow school.

Episode 2

Ayou digs deeper right into the myth of bush babies at St. Patrick’s college. Also, he excels in sports which solidifies his enmity with Tunde Savage.

Episode 3

Ayo and his friend work together to investigate the bush baby trend. Ayo and Tunde Savage engage in fencing and the outcome has dire consequences.

Episode 4

Friends of Ayo’s Friends convinced him to become a boarder and he has a surprise roommate. Ayo is dismayed when he learns that someone knows how he got into the school.

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Ndani TV

Ndani TV was originally established in 2012 by GTbank to offer both entertainment and informative content in order for them to build a youthful customer base. It happens to be one of the best online video content vehicles that were launched by a Nigerian bank, and so far, it has grown to become a media company.

Ever since it launches, Ndani TV has gathered quite a lot of traction with the production of shows like Frank Donga’s “interview”, “skinny in transit”, Ndani TGIF show, and then the new TV series Schooled.

Ndani Tv offers its audience an insider’s look at the African Continent, Hence the name ‘Ndani’ Which is a Swahili word for ‘inside’.

Other TV Shows From Ndani TV

  • 37 Questions
  • Afrocity
  • Fashion Insider
  • Game On
  • Gidi Up
  • Lagos Big Boy
  • Ndani Real Talk
  • Ndani Sessions
  • Ndani TGIF Show
  • Phases
  • Ratings
  • Rumor Has It
  • Skinny Girl in Transit
  • The Interview
  • The Juice
  • The Mix

These are some of the shows that Ndani has created so far. These Shows can be watched on the Ndani website and their YouTube channel.

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Who owns Ndani TV?

Ndani TV is owned by the Guaranty Trust Bank, one of the biggest banks in Nigeria mainly recognized as GTbank. Most of their programs are aired in English.

When Did Schooled First Episode Release

Ndani Tv released Schooled Episode one on YouTube on the 6th of October titled “When trouble Sleeps. If you are yet to watch the show, you go head on to YouTube right now and check it out as all episodes are released on the platform.

Is Ndani Schooled Free on YouTube

The Ndani Schooled Tv series is entirely Free on YouTube. Ndani TV on youtube has almost all their shows on the platform, and you can watch them for free.

How Many Subscribers Does Ndani TV has

The Channel has amassed over 107 million youtube views and over 443,000 subscribers in January 2021.

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