How to Connect PS4 Dual Shock to PS5

Do you have a PS4 controller that you no longer make use of because you recently bought the new PlayStation 5? Well, if you do and you would like to connect it to your PS5, then follow the steps that I would be highlighting below because it covers how to connect PS4 Dual Shock to PS5.

How to Connect PS4 Dual Shock to PS5

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Can you Use a PlayStation 5 Controller on a PlayStation 4?

If you would like to cut out the cloud-based middleman and then connect your PS5 controller to your PS4 making use of Bluetooth you would need to add a different sort of middleman right into the mix.

The PS controller and the PS4 console does not naturally pair, but there is an adapter that you can make use of that would force them to pair and work very well.

How to Connect a PlayStation 4 Controller to a PS5

The PS4 controller has been tested on PS5, and it works fine, so there is no need to second guess if it would work or not. It is quite simple for you to connect a PlayStation 4 controller to a PS5 as long you follow the steps that I have stated for you below. The steps include:

  1. Get the PlayStation 4 controller and then connect it to the PS5 console with the included charging cable
  2. Push on the PS button found in the middle of your PlayStation 4 controller to turn the controller on
  3. Select a user to associate the controller with on your console.
  4. With this, the controller would now be connected to your PlayStation console.

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What PS4 Controller Can Do on the PlayStation 5?

The Major reason why you need to make use of a PS4 controller on a PlayStation 5 is so that you can easily play PS4 games. Already, you can do this using a PS5 dual sense controller but if you are looking to Play PS4 Multiplayer games and you are only in possession of one PS5 controller, then this is a good way of allowing more than one of you to play the game.

Also, you choose to make use of the PS4 controller to navigate the menus of the PlayStation 5 dashboard with the experience being mostly identical to making use of the PlayStation 5 controller.

What Can’t the PS4 Controller Do on PS5?

You can choose to play PlayStation 5 games using a PlayStation 4 controller. If you try to, a warning message would pop up when you load a game stating that PS5 games cannot be played making use of a DualShock 4.

It is quite possible for you to play PS5 games using a PlayStation 4 controller if you do so make use of the PS remote play app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac, but it is not that possible on your console.

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How do I Connect my PS4 Controller to my PC?

To make use of a PS4 controller on your PC, then plug the controller into a USB port, then launch steam, and head to view > Settings > Controller > General controller Settings > PlayStation configuration support. If you want to Play Non-steam games on a Windows PC, you would need the DS windows driver.

How do I Use DualSense Controller on a PC?

You can make use of your DualSense controller on your PC both wireless and wired. You can connect the controller to your PC using Bluetooth. And the controller works well on the new PC game without any configuration.

Can you Connect the PS5 Controller Wireless?

Yes, you can Connect your PS5 controller to your PC.

Why Can’t I Connect my PS4 Controller to my PS5?

If your PS4 controller would not connect, disconnect your controller from other devices, and then make sure that the battery works, and try a different USB cable, you might need to reset your PS4 controller.

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