Google Introduces Generative AI Tools for Product Imagery to advertisers and merchants in the U.S.

After Amazon’s recent embrace of generative AI for advertisers, Google Introduces Generative AI Tools for Product Imagery to advertisers and merchants in the U.S. With the introduction of the AI-driven Product Studio, merchants and advertisers can take advantage of text-to-image AI functionality to generate new product images at no cost, by simply entering a description of the desired image.

Google Introduces Generative AI Tools for Product Imagery
Google Introduces Generative AI Tools for Product Imagery

Users can employ this feature for basic tasks, such as altering the background colour or making it a solid colour for product images. Alternatively, they can utilize it for more advanced purposes, like specifying a particular scene for a product display. For instance, when the feature was initially introduced in May. The company proposed that a skincare company could generate seasonal imagery by describing a product “surrounded by peaches with tropical plants in the background.” Now, that same company can request winter-themed imagery, like the product “resting on snow with pine branches or pinecones around it.

The generative AI model can enhance low-quality images and eliminate distracting backgrounds, avoiding the need for reshooting, according to Google.

By providing AI image capabilities, businesses, regardless of their size, can produce professional images. For their ads without the need for frequent and costly photography sessions. We anticipate that this feature will complement the existing product photography that businesses already possess. Enabling them to reuse their assets in various campaigns, such as seasonal promotions. Or themed efforts, even though it won’t entirely replace the initial photoshoot.

Enhancements and Expanded Information for Merchants and Shoppers

Google is making this feature accessible to all users of Merchant Center Next in the U.S. and the Google and YouTube app on Shopify, starting today.

This AI feature was introduced alongside various other enhancements for merchants. It includes a “small business” attribute for Google Search and Maps. Which will inform customers about brands identifying as small businesses. Google stated that it will automatically assign this attribute to certain listings. Based on factors such as product count and web traffic. However, businesses can also manually set. Or remove the attribute at any time in the Merchant Center or their Business Profile.

Google says it will also start showing more information to shoppers through the knowledge panel when customers are looking up merchant names on Search. Previously, this panel would share information like the location of the business’s HQ or the number of employees.

Now, it will also display details such as ongoing deals, shipping and return policies, and customer service information. And ratings and reviews when users search for merchant names. Some of this data is already provided to Google through the Merchant Center. But it will now be enriched with additional reliable information from various sources on the internet, according to the company. In 2022, the panel played a significant role in generating over 2.3 billion connections to U.S. businesses each month. Including phone calls, direction requests, bookings, and reviews, as noted by Google.



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