Google Drive on Mac – Getting Started with Google Drive on Mac

With Google Drive on your mac system, you could choose any folder on your computer that you could sync to Google photos. And you could easily access those files from a folder in finder. Google Drive is an online storage discovered by Google. Google Drive allows you to store and back up your data with its 15GB storage space.

Google Drive on Mac

There are a lot of benefits or advantages of having this app on your mac. Like talk about the ease it gives you to sync or backup between local and cloud files, You change the status of the file from available offline to online only anytime. You could have access to your google drive files that would be saved to multiple google accounts.

Getting Started with Google Drive on Mac

To start the setup of Google drive on your mac system you would need a google drive account. Let’s get started by downloading a Google drive app or you can use the Google Drive website.

  • Step 1: go to and click on the blue Go to Google Drive button.
  • Step 2: Select create an account.
  • The Last step is to follow every instruction that would follow, you would end up creating a new google account.

How to Install Google Drive for Mac?

After getting the google drive account, then you have to get the app by navigating to your browser and typing in the search bar “drive download”.

  • You have to download the Google drive by clicking on the download drive for the desktop button.
  • After downloading the app, you have to install the app to start using it.
  • You would see different options, make sure to follow every instruction to set up Google drive.
  • Then after it has been successfully installed, you would be told to sign in to your Google drive with your google account.

Google Drive Menu Icon

With the Google Drive desktop icon, you have easy access to Google drive.

  • To get started click on the Google drive icon.
  • Click on the activity button to see the recent files that have been uploaded and how much storage you have used and the storage you have left.
  • There is the notification tab, button, or icon that allows you to see messages or notifications about your files.
  • Click on the gear icon that leads to settings to access preferences, offline files, pause syncing, and many other settings.
  • With the preference option, you can customize your Google drive option.
  • Choose Mac and add the folder you can upload, store, and backup your files to your google drive.
  • Click on the Google Drive tab to finish up the backup process.

How to sync Google Drive on Mac

There are two ways of backing up or syncing files on Mac which are:

  • Stream Sync: This method of syncing your files makes the files take less space but you might need internet access for the files to be accessed.
  • Mirror Sync: This method is the opposite of stream sync which means the files take up large space but you don’t have the internet to access the files.

So you can choose which method you want.


Can I Use Google drive on Mac?

Yes, you can use Google Drive on Mac by simply downloading google drive for your desktop. You install the google drive app which might take 410MB on your Mac system. After you successfully installed the app you can log in to your drive account, if you don’t have to pause the setup go get your google drive account before you can continue the setup of your google drive app. Once you sign in, you can begin to enjoy the app.

How do I get Google Drive on my Mac Finder?

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Register a Google account.
  • Step 2: Download the driver installer.
  • Step 3: Install Google drive.
  • Step 4: Once you have successfully installed google drive, then you can access the google drive from finder.
  • Step 5: You can use Google drive.

How do I set up Google drive on Mac?

You have to sign in to your drive account. Then select the Google Drive icon in the menu at the top and tap on the setting icon from the pop-up window to select preferences from the dropdown menu. Then on the google drive page, you can choose the sync mode you wish to use.

Can you use Google Drive on Safari?

Yes, you can use google drive on Safari by going to on your browser and then login into your Google account. Then you would see all the folders and files on your Google drive.

How do I install Google Drive on Apple?

To be able to use google drive on your iOS device then you search for google drive from your app store. Then click on the “free” button in order to start up the download of the app. After successfully downloading the app, you click on the app icon to open the app. Follow every instruction that you would see after opening the app.

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