Google Core Algorithm Update – What The May 2020 Core Algorithm Update Means For Webmasters

What do you know of the Google core algorithm update? Do you know that Google makes at least one change and update to their systems? Yes, this is true and you may notice some of these changes if you pay close attention. The changes and updates are done to improve our search results. Some of these updates may be noticeable, while others are not, but they low-key help to improve the Google search platform.

Google Core Algorithm Update


Google Core Algorithm Update

Google always makes broad changes to its algorithms severally every year in the space of months. And these updates are known as ‘core updates’. According to Google, these core updates are designed to help in their mission of delivering relevant and rich content to searchers globally who make use of search engines. This year, 2020, Google has already updated its sore algorithm twice. The first update was done early this year, January to be precise. The second update was released on May 4th 2020 and it was known as the May 2020 core update.

What The May 2020 Core Algorithm Update Means For Webmasters

Normally whenever there is an update on Google’s algorithms and search, there are some notable changes and effects. These effects can be felt by websites all over the world. Some sites may experience a drop in Google rankings, while others may experience a rise in rankings. Sites that experience a rise in their rankings may be happy about these changes in their fortune. However those sites with drops in their rankings may be looking for something to fix.

Google has assured webmasters and website owners to take a break on trying to fix anything as they may in the process make fixes to the wrong things. It is normal for sites to experience rise and drops in rankings during a core update. And when site owners experience drops in their rankings, they should not try to fix anything as there might be nothing to fix at all.

Before the May 2020 core update, there was an update made in January. The updates, in general, are to improve how Google’s systems access content. Some persons may think that they have violated Google’s webmaster’s guidelines, but in real life they haven’t. When a page on Google’s systems violates webmasters guidelines, they may be dropped from rankings and when this happens during a core update, webmasters might feel this is the main reason for this. These updates do not target specific pages.

What To Do

As a webmaster, there are things you should focus on during a core update instead of looking to make a fix to something that isn’t there. When you notice or experience a drop on your site rankings t is important that you look and focus on making great content. If your contents are the best and provide relevant information, your site won’t be affected by this update. Google has urged and advised all webmasters to self-access if they really think that they are offering quality content on their websites.

I will be listing some of the questionnaires to help with the self-assessment exercise. These questions are based on four formats and they are;

  • Content and quality questions.
  • Expertise questions.
  • Presentation and production questions.
  • Comparative questions.

Content And Quality Questions

  • If you provide original information, analysis, and research on your contents.
  • If you provide a complete and comprehensive description of the topic on your content.
  • Does your content have enough analysis and relevant information beyond what has been stated already?
  • Is your page worth sharing, bookmarking, or recommending for a friend? If you would expect to see the contents of your page printed in an encyclopedia or a book.
  • Is your header or title exaggerating in nature?

Expertise Questions

  • If your content does not contain easily verified errors.
  • If the content is written by an expert who knows the topic very well.
  • Would you trust the contents of the site with your money or your life?
  • If the information portrayed makes you tryst it in terms of clear sourcing and evidence of involved expertise.
  • After researching the site producing the content, would you conclude that the contents on it are well articulated and are therefore trustworthy?

Presentation and production questions

  • Are contents free from errors such as spellings and styling?
  • If the contents on your site are produced well or hastily produced.
  • Do the ads on the content page interfere or distract you from the main content.
  • Do the contents appear well on mobile devices when viewed on them?
  • If the contents on your site are mass-produced or they spread across a large number of creators that individual pages don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Comparative Questions

  • When your contents are compared to other contents on the web how do they fare? Do they provide substantial value?
  • Do your contents provide information that puts the interests of the visitors in mind or you are just looking to rank well in search engines.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself about the relevancy of your website in general. You can also ask for the honest opinions of others. You might also want to consider running an audit on the contents that dropped in rankings. Look at them and compare them with the questions above.

Rater Guidelines And EAT

To make sure you are producing great content, all you need to do is to go through the article from top to bottom. Another way to makes sure your content quality is to review your content through raters. A rater is a person who gives insights if the algorithm is providing good results. These persons have no control over how your page rank. Rater data are more of a feedback that helps them in knowing if the update on the system is working.

Recovering From A Core Update

These updates are made by Google every now and then in the space of months. One of the most common questions asked by webmasters is the recovery time after content improvement. Some contents may not recover during and after an update until the next update is rolled out. Some of these updates may be smaller or broad.

But whichever the case maybe not all the updates are not announced. When you make improvements to your site’s contents, this is not a guarantee that your site contents may recover. If there are other relevant content on your website they may continue ranking.



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