Google May 2020 Core Update Impacted Site – How To Recover From A Google Core Update Quickly

Is your website among the Google May 2020 core update impacted sites? Just recently, Google launched yet another core update on Monday, May 4th, 2020 to be precise. This update of course is a broad core update. Normally these updates are released 3 to 4 times a year. These updates are usually huge and they have an effect globally. One thing I know about these updates in all my time using the internet and as a webmaster is that these broad core updates have a significant effect on a global scale. In this article, I will be discussing solely the Google May 2020 core update impacted site.

Google May 2020 Core Update Impacted Site

Google May 2020 Core Update Impacted Site

The Google may core update is a broad core update and this update is normally released 3 to 4 times yearly. This core update is supposed to be rolled out in two weeks. Normally after a broad core update has been rolled out, you start seeing the effects. But this very core update is different. Many webmasters have even termed it as the coronavirus update.

The impact of this core update has come quicker than expected. Just a day after the update was rolled out, webmasters and site owners all over the world have all been affected. A huge chunk of the world’s site owners have seen a significant drop in rankings and traffic, while a handful of site owners on the other hand have seen a rise in their fortunes. These impacts were noticed barely a day after the release of the core update.

There has been a lot of confusion on the internet about this core update. Well, this is normal for site owners as this can be a very trying time. Whenever these core updates are released to the public, there are usually impacts on sites and these impacts are hugely noticeable. These impacts can either be negative or positive

Impact Of A Google Core Update

Like I said earlier, whenever there is a broad core update, there usually are changes. As a website owner, you may find yourself on the wrong or the right side of things. Just in case you are thinking there might be just one thing wrong with your website that is causing the negative impact, then you are wrong. Impacts on sites may be due to a wide range of reasons. Drop in ranking and traffic may be due to changes in character search queries. Or just might be that there are various problems running across your website. In a bit, I will be guiding you on what to do if you wish to recover from a broad core update like this one.

Here is something you should ask yourself about these core updates before you focus on fixing anything. What is the purpose of these core updates? These core updates are for one reason only and that is ‘content quality’. Google is always looking to put out the most authoritative content written by experts in a specific field. So if you ever find yourself on the wrong side of proceedings in a core update like this one, it simply means that the issues you may be having are related to authoritativeness, trust, and expertise.

How To Recover From A Google Core Update

Whenever there is a broad core update, there is normally nothing to fix. Do you want to know why this is so? Besides Google’s focus on bringing out quality content to searchers, these updates do not target a specific thing. Changes are made to the Google search algorithm daily and since these updates and regular, they may affect your site in the long run and in the process affect your rankings and traffic.

There is simply nothing you can do or fix. However, you can improve. Google has told site owners not to look for anything to fix on their websites as they may end up fixing the wrong things or things that are not here to fix. All you need to focus on is the quality of content and originality. Google has provided a list of questionnaires to webmasters. With these questionnaires, site owners can then cross-examine the contents of their site and see places where they can improve. Some of the questions are;

  • As a visitor, would you trust the information on your

    site contents?

  • Are the contents written on your site, presented, and written by an expert on the field or someone who knows the field very well? Or are the contents written by amateurs?
  • Are the duplicate content on your site with similar topics and keyword variations?
  • If you are a visitor, will you be comfortable or trust the site enough to give your credit card information?
  • Are the contents on the site written with the interests of the readers in play or do you just want to rank and do well in search rankings?
  • Are there errors in the site such as spelling, stylistic or factual errors?
  • How does the site fare when compared to other similar sites?
  • Would you bookmark the page, recommend or share it with a friend?
  • Are the contents of the website well-written?
  • If you see the contents of the site published in a publication or magazine, would you be surprised?
  • Do the contents of your site provide a full description of the content topic?
  • Does the content of your website display well when viewed on mobile devices?

These are just some of the questionnaires. To get access to the full list of questionnaires, visit Here. If after comparing your website contents against these questionnaires you are satisfied with your website, then you have to wait for a short while or for the next broad core update to be released.

Google Core Update January 2020

The May 2020 Google core update is the second broad core update of the year 2020. The first update of the year was rolled out in January. This update is special in the sense that it was released before the coronavirus pandemic. The update was a broad core update and it had a global impact on websites. This update is not specific therefore there is nothing webmasters can look to improve on. If you were affected negatively during this update you can however look to improve your content quality and besides that, you can only wait and be patient for the next update to be rolled out to see if your stake changes.

Google Core Update

What is the Google Core update? A Google core update is an algorithm released or rolled out by Google. These updates are released several times a year. These updates normally do not target specific things and issues there are various types of updates on the Google algorithm platform, some may be noticeable, while some on the other hand may not. A broad core update on the other hand is hard not to notice. It is very much noticeable. This update is mainly updated to their main search algorithm. It deals with the holistic view of websites, their expertise, trustworthiness, expertise (E-A-T), and their quality. Whenever Google is rolling out these updates, they don’t make it public knowledge. These updates are normally released hours or maybe minutes after announcing it.



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