Google May Update – Google Officially Releases May Core Update | Google Update 2020 March

You should have noticed changes recently on internet contents and you may be wondering why. Well this is due to the Google may update or the May 2020 Google core update as many people know it to be. Google may update is the second core update rolled out by Google in the year 2020 alone. Now what this update means for SEO’s and webmasters?

Google May Update

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Google May Update

What is a Google core update? If you don’t know what his means you need to, for a better understanding of what this topic is all about. This is when Google makes changes to its search ranking algorithm. This update is carried out or rolled out every now and then on the Google platform and on its systems. The goal of this update is to make search results more relevant and useful to the searcher.

Normally, the platform rolls out these updates every quarter of every year, and Google may update is the update rolled out in May 2020 this year. The first update for the year 2020 was rolled out in January. But when you compare the last update in January to the update rolled out in this month, the may update is stronger. The May 2020 update is a broad update.

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Google Officially Releases May Core Update

Over the years Google has always had a long history when it comes to algorithm updates. The latest algorithm update was launched or released on the 4th of May 2020. The news was shared via a tweet on their official twitter page. The previous update was in January 2020. The previous update was also a broad update but this one is different as it is the first update to be rolled out by Google after during the coronavirus pandemic. This update is a big one and webmasters and SEOs all over the world should be ready for this one. Many search data companies have referred to this update as a complete monster. As big as the January update was, this update will be bigger.

Google Update 2020 March

Any of Google’s core update usually takes up to one week to be fully rolled out. But due to the fact that this update is a broad update, it might actually take longer than expected for the rollout to be complete. Here is something you should know about the Google may core update. Normally Google makes changes to their search rankings frequently and they only make the broad core changes ones every time. This update is a global update unlike other updates that may be subjected to some regions or categories of websites.

Major Differences Between The Google May Update And Previous Updates

This update is a broad update and it is therefore similar to other updates, but it is different, and here is how. This update is uniform across most niches on Google’s search system when compared to other typical broad core updates.

The Effect Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On The May Google Core Update

The previous update on January was rolled out before the coronavirus was termed a pandemic. With this development, the may core update is different and will, therefore, hit different. And just as I have mentioned earlier everyone should be ready. Since this update was rolled after the coronavirus was termed a pandemic, there have been a lot of updates. The way people searched for things on the Google search engine has now changed due to the virus. Searched involving travels, tourism, and live events dropped drastically. And searches related to coronavirus and other related issues saw a rise. This will cause a significant change in website rankings.

What To Do If You Are Hit By The May Core Update

In the event that you are hit by the Google core update, you have nothing to worry about. But before that you need to know how the core updates n Google’s systems work. Whenever there is an update like this one, webmasters will experience a drop or rise in their search rankings. According to stats,  50 % of websites saw no changes to their rankings, the other 50% either saw a rise or a drop in their rankings.

When this happens, Google has stated that you shouldn’t be worried. This is because normally whenever a webmaster notices a drop in their website rankings, they immediately look for something to fix. Google has warned against this. When you notice a drop in your rankings, it is normal. You don’t have to fix anything on your site as there may be nothing to fix. You should however focus on producing better content and wait out the update. Sometimes, your rankings may return to where they are. Some other times you may have to wait for the next update.

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