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Have you heard of Prabhas Designs? Are you looking for a platform that offers the best Aari Embroidery classes, machine embroidery classes, tailoring courses under professionals when it comes to designs? For your designer blouses including bridal blouses and Aari, embroidery blouses visit Prabhas Designs. For young and upcoming tailors, this is the best place for you to learn outstanding designs to meet up with demands in the society. Go to Prabhas Designs for your fashion needs and get a dazzling and perfect fitting.

Prabhas Designs

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Prabhas Designs

Prabhas Designs is the world-leading designer clothing store in Chennai, India.  It focuses on Aari embroidery classes, tailoring courses, saree tassel courses, machine embroidery courses, and Silk thread Jeweler’s. The company has over 10 years’ experience in Aari embroidery works and designing one to one professional courses.  These make understudies to learn adequately over 500 Aari, pattern blouse, and sewed designs perfectly.

Amazing Features In Prabhas Designs

The following are what you expect from the Prabhas Designs platform.

  • The company prepares over 100 understudies each year
  • It offers 100% business opportunity to people in the society. With the classes they offer, you can earn money from it after going through a series of courses.
  • Prabhas Designs offers a well-organized professional class, which enables understudies, learn with ease.
  • It does not require fitting abilities for you to learn Aari
  • Join Aari classes and gain access to all the materials required for the Aari class.
  • It aims at making understudies professionals when it comes to designing.
  • It provides over 500 Aari and pattern blouse designed and sewed.
  • Also, it offers two levels of Aari embroidery courses, which are the basic and advanced levels.

Prabhas Designs Photos

Prabhas Designs photos give you access to thousands of pictures of designs including Aari embroidery blouses and its class, designer blouses, and the tailoring class.

However to access Prabhas photos navigate to their page at On their homepage, select the “gallery” tab from the menu at the top of the screen.

On the new page, click on the category you want to access its photos from the categories field. The categories include Aari Embroidery blouses, Aari embroidery classes, designer blouses, and tailoring class. Just select any of the categories to view its pictures.

Classes in Prabhas Designs  

Prabhas Designs offer special classes to educate people on how to make designs, the classes include

  • Aari Embroidery Classes
  • Machine Embroidery Classes
  • Tailoring Courses
  • Silk Thread Jewellers
  • Saree Tassel Courses

Aari Embroidery courses

Aari Embroidery courses are simply a course that deals with the art of decorating dresses to make it more attractive and beautiful, using the pearls, metal, colorful yarns, strips, sequins, beads, and more. So when you register for the class you will learn how to use the materials mentioned above to make a beautiful design on dresses.

Machine Embroidery Classes

The machine Embroidery class is where you learn how to decorate and beautiful dresses to make it look more attractive, with the use of stones, colorful threads, and beads.

Tailoring Courses

The tailoring class is where you can learn the latest models and traditional or local dresses in India. To learn perfectly on how to make local India wears, you need to join the tailoring class.

Silk Thread Jewellers

The Silk thread Jewelers is the leading manufacturer and exporter of silk threaded jewelry in India. They produce over 100 designs in bangles, necklaces, jhumkas, jewelry sets, and kadas. So when you register for this class you will learn how to design a necklace, bangles, and many more.

Saree Tassel Courses

Saree Tassel Courses teaches how to decorate and beautiful bridal Sarees, fancy Sarees, churidars curtains, and more, using kuchu work.

How To Join Prabhas Designs Classes

You might be wondering if it’s needful to join any of these classes. If you want to expand your knowledge, especially if you’re into fashion designing, these classes will give you more light on designs that will make your work unique and outstanding.

To join any of the above-mentioned classes, follow the directions I will be providing below.

  • Launch your browser
  • Browse for it will lead you to prabhas homepage.
  • On prabhas homepage, navigate down a little, you will see a button that says “Join Classes” tab. It button is located at the right corner of the page, click on it.
  • Follow the onscreen directives to register for the class.


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