Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update – What To Expect From Google May 2020 Core Updates

Have you heard of the Google May 2020 core algorithm update? Just recently both webmasters and Google search engine users have noticed a change to their online content. Many webmasters all over the world woke up to fluctuating or a decrease in their traffics and they are still surprised about the development. Luckily for you I know the reason for this and I will be sharing it with you.

Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

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Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

The case of the change in online contents recently is due to an update on Google’s core algorithm. Some people are still new to this and therefore are confused about it. To, therefore, make clarity on the subject I will be telling you about Google’s core algorithm update, how it works and its purpose. Google on May 4th 2020 confirmed that it will be rolling out an algorithm update. And this update will be called the ‘May 2020 core update’

The May 2020 core update is the second confirmed Google update of the year 2020 so far. So many people including Google webmasters thought that Google would pause updates on their platform due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the answer is no. There is no slowing down or lagging behind when it comes to update to their core algorithm and there is a reason to this. Do you want to find out more about this update, then continue reading.

This update will ring and come with a lot of changes in Google’s search algorithms and systems. Although updates have been introduced to the Google system, this very update will be different. This will be something that has never been seen on the platform before. This is more than a change to improve search results, it is more.

The Purpose Of Google Core Updates

The main purpose of this update is to improve the quality of search results whenever users search for something on the internet via the Google search engine. The end users may find this update very beneficial as the content they search for may be more accurate and rich in content. Many webmasters and sites on the other hand may not find this update friendly at all as it may affect their performances due to fluctuations and the rest.

What To Expect From Google May 2020 Core Updates

As a user and a webmaster, you should be expecting a whole lot from this update on Google’s systems. Webmasters and users all over the world are all having and seeing the effect of this update already. Users will experience more quality and content-rich items in their search results. Webmasters on the other hand as I have established already will notice drops or gains during this update.

When an update like this is released, those persons with websites will always look out for a fix. But as a webmaster you shouldn’t try to fix what is not there as you may fix the wrong things. At most times, there might not be anything to fix, said Google.

What To Do

Many webmasters may be looking forward to fixing things that may actually not be there. And may end up fixing the wrong things. Google has therefore advised webmasters and SEO teams all over the world to not panic but focus on their content quality. Contents that should be produced by webmasters should provide original content and information on their sites. Another recommendation for your headline is that it should be descriptive and not should be exaggerated.

Lastly, it is normal to gain or drop from Google search rankings due to the algorithms updates. Most websites just recently after the update faces drop in Google rankings while others however saw a rise in their search rankings.  In a bid to avoid the results of the update being manipulated, the details of the Google updates are not shared with the public.




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