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Do you feel like you’re tired of using Facebook due to its privacy issues, times consumption, and others? And you wonder what options you would have for apps like Facebook? You need not wonder about that because there are plenty of platforms similar to Facebook, that you can use. Yes, there is the option of Twitter and Google +, but when you are searching for the platforms with a similar interface like Facebook, then you have clicked on the right post. All you have to do is to read on to find out more.

Apps Like Facebook

Apps Like Facebook are simply the alternatives you make use of in place of Facebook. There’s no doubt that Facebook is the biggest and most popular social networking medium for individuals to use in connecting and communicating with friends and family far and near. But, that doesn’t mean, there are no flaws. Recently, there were some privacy scandals and users having to look for alternatives to use. Well, I am here to share the apps that are like Facebook that you can use. So to find out the best alternative apps you can use, read on.

Facebook Alternative App

Here are some of the best alternative apps to use;


If you’re in for the most privacy centered app, then you should probably give this one a try. MeWe actually prioritized user’s privacy, so it will be best for those who worry about their privacy and security. Being a platform based on giving users the best privacy ever, it vows to never track users, or even sell out their information. Being a similar app like Facebook, you can actually make money from it. But if you’re wondering how that can be done, you need not worry. It is free to use, but there are certain features that offer a little paid subscription. Paying for subscription offers you extra cloud-based service and also a secret chat app. It is compatible with iOS and Android.


Vero helps to serve algorithm influenced feeds, data timing, and advertisements. On the platform, posts are shown chronologically for the others to select from. Also, there are ads on this social platform. The platform features messaging, a very sleek interface, and some pretty interesting features. It is free and can be installed on any device type.

This social platform is a blockchain-based social network that actually values the user’s privacy. The platform doesn’t sell out users’ information. Sociall functions just like Facebook offering users a messaging feature that involves sending and receiving voice recordings. Users can make a public wall post and also organize social events. It is compatible with any device type you’re using including iOS and Android phones.

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This social platform is a little bit of everything and its a source, privacy-oriented, community-owned. And also the platform has attracted a wide variety of users. Minds have almost all of the features on Facebook such as profiles, timeline, media sharing, and many others. But there’s actually also a hint of Reddit in it. It is an open-source platform had encrypted user messages. This is actually a great alternative to use in place of Facebook.


Diaspora is the oldest alternative to Facebook. And also one of the most unique when it comes to its set up process. It can be set up by anyone who wants to set up a server. Users on the platform can actually choose the “pod” they wish their profile information to be stored and also set up. Once your information is stored and set up, you can connect and communicate with anyone from afar.


If you’re the field of creativity, then you should probably try this one out. This platform is most useful for individuals with a creative ability like illustration, graphic design, film, etc. All you have to do is to share your content on the space designed. Ello was formerly known as a Facebook killer. Over the years, the platform ha grow from ta sparse network to a buzzing online hub for creative minds. It can be used on any device type that you’re using including iOS and Android smartphones.

The platforms listed above are just a few of the alternatives you use when you’re fed up with Facebook.


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