Google Brings Its Drive Document Scanning Feature To The iPhone

Google brings its Drive document scanning feature to the iPhone. Drive users across both the Android and iOS hemispheres can now scan and import documents quickly, and even get title suggestions that are autogenerated in the United States.

Google Drive Document Scanning Feature iPhone

Google Drive Document Scanning Feature iPhone

Google Drive users on iOS are reportedly getting a new scanning feature that allows them to photograph documents quickly and then add them to their libraries, the search giant has just recently announced. The feature in question as you should know has been available for Android for more than a decade now, but until this very moment and time of writing, iPhone as well as iPad users have not really had the same option. Google also has upgraded the scanner that is available in the Android app of Drive.

iPhone users that are situated in the US will also benefit from a new title suggestion feature that as you should know attempts to auto-generate a document title simply based on the text that it recognizes in the scan.

Google Drive Document Scanning On Android

The feature prior to this came to the Android version of Drive in the early parts of this year. Google has also stated that it is improving document scanning on Android, thus adding similar features such as the option to capture documents when they are in frame automatically. 9to5Google reportedly sighted the rollout of this very new Android interface in the just concluded week.

Scanning Feature on Other Major Cloud Storage Providers

At this very point in time, many of the major cloud storage providers now offer native scanning features in a bid to capture documents quickly making use of the camera of your phone. Microsoft reportedly launched its Office Lens (now known as Microsoft Lens) document-scanning app back in 2015, and Apple on the other hand also built a similar scanner directly into its Notes app in the year 2017.

Availability of the Feature on iOS

Google stated that the new iOS features are rolling out now and that they are also already available on Android. Google’s scanner is reportedly accessible in the Drive app on iOS and Android either through the camera icon on the bottom right corner, or simply by tapping on the “+” icon and then selecting “Scan.”



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