Get Your Hands on Rosetta Stone For Life With A One-Time Fee Of $160 At StackSocial

Get your hands on Rosetta Stone for life with a one-time fee of $160 at StackSocial and get to save $139 in the process. Grab a lifetime license to Rosetta Stone which is one of the best language learning apps out there and get unlimited access to 25 language courses at a really deep discount.

Get Rosetta Stone For Life

Get Rosetta Stone For Life

Immersion in case you don’t know is the quickest way to pick up a new language but just a few of us can really consider moving to a country where the language that we want to learn is spoken. And even short of that, there are some really great online options that can help you to quickly learn. If it is that you are serious about taking on the challenge of becoming fluent in a new language, then Rosetta Stone is one of the best programs out there for serious learners such as you who are looking to pick up the lingo. The platform was named the best for auditory learners in a guide to the best language learning apps.

Why You Should Get In On This Deal Now

The Deal Days event of StackSocial is happening right about now, with many price cuts across the site and platform. StackSocial for lifelong learners, has already discounted a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone by a whopping 36%, but at the moment you can sweeten the whole deal. Just make use of coupon code ROSETTA at checkout and then you will get an extra $29 off, which in question knocks a total of $139 off the regular and usual price.

That in question means that you will be spending just $160 for unlimited access. There is however no set expiration for this very deal, so we recommend that you make your purchase sooner rather than later in a bid to ensure that you don’t miss out on these very savings.

What to Expect From This Membership Deal

This membership for those that don’t know gives you access to 25 different languages, from Spanish to Korean, thus enabling you to communicate with locals on your travels better and even get to increase your comfort level in international settings. Of course, even those who do not really plan on traveling far from home can also benefit from improved language skills. Whether it is that you want to speak with international neighbors or get to simply enjoy media from other places, hobbyists can easily and effectively take advantage of this deal, too.


Every single lesson, no matter what it is the language is, is broken up into manageable bits and chunks, both online and offline. You also get access to an immersive learning environment that will in the long run keep you interested throughout the course in a bid to keep your mind on perfecting your studies. Plus, you can even also practice your accent making use of speech recognition technology.



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