How to Apply for Pandemic EBT Program (P-EBT): A Guide Through the P-EBT Application Process

How to Apply for Pandemic EBT Program (P-EBT). P-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer) offers families that are eligible for a one-time payment for each child who received free or reduced-price meals previously. The P-EBT card works exactly like the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. The P-EBT program helps families to get the food they need during this present pandemic. The program will be organized by the Health and Human Services Commission, Department of Agriculture, and s Education Agency. So even while schools were closed during the pandemic period caused by a coronavirus (COVID-19), some students still got extra food benefits. These food benefits were called P-EBT or Pandemic EBT cards due to the pandemic. The program helped a lot of families during the pandemic to get food even when school is closed.

How to Apply for Pandemic EBT Program (P-EBT)

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How to Apply for Pandemic EBT Program (P-EBT)

The P-EBT benefits are only available during the period of the pandemic. This means when students commence learning the benefits will cease. Additional benefits can be added if the federal government lengthens the P-EBT program. So do not throw away or misplace your card. Moreover, free and reduced-price school meals are not considered as public benefits for public charge purposes. The benefits received by the children are not counted against their parents for the purpose of public charges. Children are the major recipients of P-EBT, so it will not be considered as a benefit received by their parents. Public charges do not also apply to all immigrants. Should in case you have questions about your immigration status concerning this food benefit, including a list of free and low-cost immigration services providers you can visit this link;

P-EBT Application Process

There is no actual process of applying for the P-EBT as you cannot apply rather, the P-EBT food benefits will be issued to the children who are eligible. Read down to know your eligibility status. For more information on how to apply, visit this link;

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Eligibility of the P-EBT Food Benefits

Children who have reduced price or free school launches for the days their school was closed because of the pandemic are eligible for the P-EBT food benefits. They include the following;

  • All the children attending the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools where all the children attending public schools in the district received free or reduced-price lunches in school.
  • Children who also attend parochial, private, and charter schools and who are also receiving free launches in school.
  • Children within the age range of 3 and 4 years attending Universal Pre-kindergarten and who also received free launches in school
  • Young adults within the age range of 19 and 21 who are still in school and receive free lunches at school
  • Foster children who also received free school launches
  • Children that are not citizens but have received free school launches

Take note that only children who would have had access to free or reduced-price lunches in school had schools not closed in March due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) are eligible for the food benefits of P-EBT. For more information visit this link;

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