Colorado Food Stamps Eligibility Guide: Eligibility Guidelines for the Colorado Food Stamps Benefits

Colorado Food Stamps Eligibility Guide. The food stamp benefits in Colorado now known as the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), is a program by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide food benefits, access to a balanced and healthy diet, and education on food preparation and its nutrition to low-income households. The recipients are able to access their benefits through an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Card. The EBT card looks similar to the normal ATM card and is been used like it to buy eligible food items in authorized grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and some other retail food stores. The stamp benefit program is the largest program to help eradicate hunger in Colorado.

Colorado Food Stamps Eligibility Guide

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Colorado Food Stamps Eligibility Guide

It is a known fact that most households have low income thus cannot afford the cost of feeding their family. This food stamp benefits program is aimed at eradicating hunger in Colorado. Not only is that it aimed at educating and providing a balanced diet to promote good health. To have access to the stamp benefit you must apply from the state in which you reside and meet certain criteria which include resource and income limits. To know more about the stamp benefits read down as this article is for you.

How to Apply For the Colorado Stamp Benefits

Below are the guides on how to apply for the food stamp benefits;

  • Firstly you can apply online via this link;
  • You can also apply via your Smartphone by simply downloading the MyCOBenefits app, the app is available on your apple and android app stores.
  • You also print the application fill it out and submit it via fax, mail, or in-person to your county human services office. You can get more details from this link;

After the submission of your application, an eligibility technician will start processing your case.

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Eligibility Guidelines for the Colorado Food Stamps Benefits

Before you can be eligible there are some requirements that you need to meet for the stamp benefits, they are listed below;

  • Your identity; the personal identity that is applying for the food stamp benefits must be verified. Some of the proof of identity include school or work ID, driver’s license, government-issued ID, birth certificate, or voters registration card.
  • The status of your citizenship; U.S. citizens and some non-citizens are eligible for the food stamps benefit. Household members that are eligible may apply even if some members of that same household aren’t eligible for the food stamps benefit.
  • Social security numbers; the social security number of everyone that is applying from a household should be provided or proof that they applied for one.
  • Income or earnings; the total income of a household before any deduction is made must fall below a certain amount in the dollar before you can be eligible for the food stamp benefits. The number of people in your household will be determined by a certain dollar amount. Note that, if all the members of a household are getting SSI or public assistance, they may not be eligible. So the proof of all income received by any member of a household must be presented to determine if they meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Deductions; after adding all the countable income of a household, an election official will determine their eligibility for any deductions allowed by SNAP. Be sure to include your rent, utilities, medical expenses, child care or child support that and if anyone is paying for them.
  • Work rules; all individuals that apply for the food stamp benefit in the state of Colorado and who don’t meet the federal exemption requirements must register for work, accept suitable work and take in the employment first program.

To wrap it up, the food stamps benefit helps with the cost of buying food. Anyone is free to apply. All you need do is to meet the criteria; once you do you will be entitled to have the food stamp benefit once you apply.

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