Gemini Is Reportedly Coming To Messages

Gemini is reportedly coming to Messages. Android Auto on the other hand is set to get some AI smarts and Google Docs will also allow you to add comments that are handwritten.

Gemini Is Coming To Messages

Gemini Is Coming To Messages

Google has rolled out a series of updates for Android and various apps ahead of MWC, featuring enhancements like a new chat feature with its chatbot Gemini directly within Google Messages. Additionally, there are updates for Android Auto, Google Docs, and some intelligent accessibility features tailored for visually impaired individuals.

The ability to chat with Gemini directly in the Messages app is now available, but only for those enrolled in Google’s beta testing program. While Gemini’s conversational capabilities may still leave room for improvement, integrating it into the messaging app aims to offer a more interactive experience. Currently, Gemini in Messages is limited to English and certain markets.

Android Auto Receives an AI Upgrade

Android Auto receives an AI upgrade, providing summaries of lengthy texts or chat threads to help drivers stay focused on the road. It also suggests relevant replies and actions based on context, such as sharing your estimated time of arrival with friends.

AI-driven updates extend to accessibility features like Lookout and Google Maps. The lens in Google Maps gains screen reader enhancements for identifying businesses and offering relevant details like operating hours. Lookout now automatically generates descriptions for images using AI, including those found online or shared in messages, catering to visually impaired users. These updates are being rolled out globally in English.

Other Notable Updates to Take Note Of

In addition to AI-driven improvements, there are some practical updates. Android users will find it easier to switch output devices when using Spotify, while the highlight feature is support for handwritten annotations in Google Docs. This feature allows users to mark notes on documents using various pen and highlighter colors, enhancing productivity and creativity, particularly on larger screens like Pixel Tablets or foldable devices.

Google’s Ongoing Efforts to Enhance User Experience across Its Platforms

These updates showcase Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience across its platforms, combining AI advancements with practical features tailored to user needs.



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