University Of Johannesburg Receives Over $400,000 to Help Drive Digital Overhaul in Technical Colleges in South Africa

University of Johannesburg receives over $400,000 to help drive digital overhaul in technical colleges in South Africa. European Union program that is focused on education, training, youth, and sport, Erasmus+ reportedly provided the said funding for the grant.

University of Johannesburg Digital Overhaul

University of Johannesburg Digital Overhaul

This very project for those that do not know aims to address emerging challenges as well as opportunities due to the emergence of artificial intelligence tools and services such as ChatGPT in communication and education.

Professor Tankiso Moloi, Research Chair in 4IR at the Johannesburg Business School, UJ, has unveiled an initiative known as “Project Pro-TELDE (Promotion of Technology-Enhanced Learning and Digital Education).” This project aims to empower South African TVET lecturers specializing in business and economics by assisting them in developing digital teaching resources through the utilization of open digital sources and technology-enhanced learning (TEL) methods.

Moloi continued, “Project Pro-TELDE recognizes the need for TVET institutions to equip their students with digital skills and competencies essential for success in the modern workplace.”

The University Of Johannesburg Has Earned the Sixth Position among African Universities

The University of Johannesburg has earned the sixth position among African universities for its notable research achievements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). This recognition follows the institution’s decision, announced in December 2022, to incorporate mandatory artificial intelligence courses into all academic programs offered by the university.

The university’s Aim to Enhance the Security and Authenticity of Certification Processes

In a bid to enhance the security and authenticity of certification processes, the university has introduced blockchain-based certificates for its graduates. These certificates feature a unique QR code linked to the holder, allowing anyone to verify the certificate’s details by scanning the code.

South Africa’s Steadfast Commitment to Embracing AI

South Africa has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to embracing AI across various sectors. In November 2022, the government took a significant step by establishing the Artificial Intelligence Institute of South Africa (AIISA) in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg and the Tshwane University of Technology. This initiative aims to advance AI technologies, foster investment in human capital, and prepare the nation for the digital era.

South Africa Global Recognition for Its Education System

In 2023, South Africa achieved global recognition for its education system, securing the fourth position worldwide. Additionally, it emerged as the most technologically advanced country in Africa. The country boasted 43.48 million Internet users at the start of 2023, representing a robust Internet penetration rate of 72.3%.



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