Framework Is Reportedly Retailing a Cheap Modular Laptop

Framework is reportedly retailing a cheap modular laptop. The new $499 13-inch barebones laptop from the company is the cheapest that it has ever sold.

Framework Cheap Modular Laptop

Framework Cheap Modular Laptop

Framework is introducing a $499 variant of its modular 2021 Laptop 13, offering a “barebones configuration” featuring an 11th-generation Intel i7-1165G7 CPU (even though Intel has since moved on to its 14th generation for mobile processors). This marks the first time the company is offering an affordable “B-stock Factory Seconds” option, utilizing leftover parts and shipping without included memory or storage. While the price is enticing, users will need to supply their own memory and storage components.

Framework’s Announcement of the New Laptop

In its announcement, Framework mentions selling refurbished DDR4 RAM at half the cost of new modules “to reduce the all-in price.” The base B-stock Laptop 13 configuration is a step up from the version reviewed by Monica Chin, which she described as “uniquely friendly to user upgrades,” albeit lacking available screen or GPU upgrades.

Preorders for Framework’s Bigger Gaming-Oriented Laptop 16 Have Started

Additionally, Framework revealed that preorders for its larger, gaming-oriented Laptop 16 have begun shipping to customers. Despite being hailed as “the most ambitious laptop” by The Verge’s Sean Hollister, he also found it to be glitchy, somewhat flimsy, hot, and loud – qualities that detract from its $1,699 pre-built price tag.

What the Cheaper Model Offers

However, the $499 version offers a budget-friendly alternative for those not seeking top-tier gaming performance. While it may not deliver ultra-smooth frame rates in demanding games like Helldivers 2, it’s certainly capable of handling everyday tasks like document editing and streaming content without concern about potential fan issues.



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