Fiat 500 Is Making a Return to America

Fiat 500 is making a return to America but this time around, the car will be available only as an electric car.

Fiat 500 Is Making a Return to America

Fiat 500 Is Making a Return to America

The very much adorable subcompact Fiat 500 back in 2020 was discontinued in the US while in Europe I continued to march on with a sharp new generation that became strongly forbidden fruit. It was more like a surprise when the new 500 was brought out by Fiat at the New York Auto Show, but now, we get to see the reason the automaker wanted us all to see it.

Fiat has now announced that it will be bringing the 500 back to the United States market, albeit solely as an electric vehicle this time. The brand new fiat 500e will be marking its return in the first quarter of 2024, so the car is still miles away, and in regards to this, there are still other questions unanswered such as if there will be multiple trims or a different powertrain than what is on offer in Europe.

The Latest Fiat 500e Version Comes With One of Two Powertrains in Overseas Markets

In some markets overseas, the latest Fiat 500e version comes with one of two powertrains. The more budget-oriented Action trim uses a small 24-kilowatt-hour battery with a 94-horsepower electric motor, which is quite good for approximately 115 miles of range by the European WLTP standard.

A larger, 42-kWh battery on the other hand is also available, which pairs with a 117-hp motor and also boosts range to about 199 miles. American consumers as you should know tend to be obsessed with range, so it’s quite unclear if a larger battery could fit in the new 500e, or if we will just receive the more capacious of the two trims that have been mentioned here.

Fiat Showed Off a Trio of One-Off Concepts at the LA Auto Show

As part of the press conference Fiat had at the LA Auto Show, where the automaker announced the return of the 500e to the US market, it showed off a trio of one-off concepts that are based on the idea of small-batch Italian craftsmanship. The concepts from Armani, Bvlgari, and Kartell feature unique design elements with quite a focus on sustainability, and just as you might have expected, they look pretty boss.

The Only Vehicle That Fiat Sells In the United States Is the Compact 500X Crossover

At the moment, the only vehicle that fiat sells in the united states is the compact 500X crossover which begins under $30,000 and it is quite a fair bit larger than the two-door 500.

Fiat also used to see the 500L which is a bigger multipurpose vehicle, but its dowdy looks and middling driving dynamics, however, led to its cancelation eventually, the fiat 124 Spider which is a two-door sports coupe based on the Mazda MX-5 Miata, was discontinued at the same time as the 500L at the end of the model year 2020.


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